Lighting Trends for 2021

Lighting can completely change the whole look and feel of your home instantly. No longer are homes stuck with boring lighting options, and now, thanks to advancements in smart home technology, there have never been more options for lighting for your home.

Lighting Trends for 2021

Going into 2021, it is likely that you will see specific trends when it comes to lighting for the home, and there are some great lights in the market that will make a great addition to any home.

Feature Lighting

Making the light a focal point in the room and drawing everyone’s attention will be big for 2021. Think statement lighting that is carefully placed to not only enhance a room’s interior and highlight your style.

Choose carefully and make sure the light fitting you choose works with your design to really add a standout feature in any room. Avoid overcomplicating the room by adding in other statement pieces or too many different colors and designs. Keep it clear to create the impact.

Sculptured Lamps

Boring table and floor lamps are out, and we are seeing a rise in popularity of statement floor and table lights in various creative designs. Think art over function, and when you combine that with a light, you have the ideal artwork that doesn’t actually look like artwork to add to your interior design.

Colors and Patterns

While the chandelier is still proving popular with many people, so are brightly colored lampshades and bold patterns. Add color to your wall lights by adding in a colorful shade that contrasts with the rest of your room, or choose a table lamp that is not only a piece of art in itself but paired with a bold shade that can really add character to a room.


Brass is bold, boldly making a comeback on many different home interior pieces, not just lights. Choose from brass ceiling light fittings, wall lights, and lamps. Gold metallic lighting pairs itself well with many different color schemes but particularly with the blush pink and navy trend, and you can accentuate the metal highlights by copying the trend on your plant pots, ornaments, and even furniture too.

Strip Lighting

No longer a fun aspect to add to a child bedroom, LED strip lights are becoming more popular in interior design. Choose from multi-colored, one color or a bright or warm white light. Add strip lighting to create a backlit TV look, around windows, along with the flooring or around pictures hanging on walls, etc. The fighting it gives off can add a fun and stylish finish to the room after dark, and many people are seeing the benefits of adding strip lighting to their homes.

Remember, if you fit new lighting to your home or you need to update the electricity to accommodate new, more modern styles, look for a residential electrician who can make sure your new lighting not only looks good but is fitted correctly and safely too.

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