5 Tips That’ll Make Building Your New Home A Breeze

When it comes to searching for a new home, we often make do with what’s available. You’ll likely buy somewhere that is 80% what you’re looking for, but it needs some work to make it your own. But then, once you’re in, renovations take a back seat as everyday life admin takes over. That’s why people are choosing to build their own.


5 Tips That’ll Make Building Your New Home A Breeze


With a home that’s designed and built from scratch, you’ll get precisely what you’re looking for. And frequently, for a fraction of the cost. But home builds aren’t a walk in the park. For them to go smoothly, you’ll need to be an active part of the project. So here are 5 tips to think about before you jump in at the deep end that’ll make the whole experience less stressful.

Hire The Right Team

From Architects to Builders, you need to know you have the right team behind. And one that has a solid reputation. You could go down the road of choosing a home builder who’ll handle everything from design to the actual build. Or you can go for individual contractors who are experts in their respective fields.

Whichever route you go down, make sure you have everyone you’ll need at the start of the project. It’ll enable you to build a good relationship of trust before you even break ground. You should also research every contractor thoroughly. Make sure they are reliable and known for quality builds. 

Crunch Numbers First (And Have A Contingency)

Your budget will dictate pretty much everything that happens on your home build project. So having exact figures at the start saves nasty surprises later. Homebuilders and Architects will provide a guideline of costs that give you a pretty good idea of what it’ll take to build your home. It’s also a good idea to add up all costs, then research how much your new home would sell for when finished. That’ll show you how much you’re saving by building your own (and whether it’s worth your trouble).

Don’t forget to have a contingency fund. Builds almost always go over budget. No matter how thorough your forecasting is, there will be one or two costs that either go over or haven’t been accounted for at all. Having some extra cash squirreled away for these things means the build can continue at the same pace.

Design For Your Future

What we want and need right now from a house isn’t always the same as what we’ll need 5 years down the line. Building your own home means you’ll be staying there for a while, so consider what your future needs might be. Maybe that means the patter of tiny feet or building a business empire from your front room. Whatever your future might hold, give those possibilities space in your new home. And if you can’t fit them in your design, try to leave the door open for extensions. 

House Floor Plan



To conserve a bit of cash along the way, get your hands dirty. You might not be a woodworker or expert plumber, but everyone can get a paintbrush out and do a decent job. And you’d be surprised at how much money you can save, simply by doing the paint job yourself. Yes, it might not be perfect and will definitely take longer. But the cash saving is worth your time and effort. And when you show off your new home to family and friends, you can boast about how all the painting was done by your fair hands!

Invest In Quality

People often see fixtures as an excellent way to scrimp and save some money by opting for the budget options. While it’s ok if your budget is really tight, it’s worth the extra money if you can spare it. Quality fixtures that will last you a lifetime will actually save you money over time because they’re expensive to replace. If you put a bit of extra cash into finishing your kitchen and bathrooms to a high standard, you’ll see the difference.

And yes, they’re not often the most exciting things to invest in. And yes, it’s far more exciting to pick expensive cushions and rugs. But those furnishings can easily be replaced down the line for higher quality versions. Once you’ve recovered from the massive cash output a home build demands!


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