4 Things That Will Encourage Spending More Time In The Garden

Many of us do not spend enough time in our gardens and it really is a shame. After all, there are many benefits to getting outside more such as fresh air, sunlight and vitamin day and connection with nature. The good news is that you can get some tactics that can help encourage you to spend more time in the garden below.

4 Things That Will Encourage Spending More Time In The Garden

Deal with bugs and pests

One of the biggest barriers to spending time in the garden is pests. In fact, the issue here is that while some pests can just be annoying, others can pose a serious health risk.

Indeed, it is this way with mosquitoes as they bite and in some locations can transmit serious disease. With that in mind investing in some Mosquito Control is a smart idea if you want to spend time out of doors. There are even steps you can take to prevent Mosquitoes from gathering in your garden in the first place.

Invest in some comfortable seating

I know that those plastic garden chairs everyone has are cheap and easy to get. However, if you truly want to spend more quality time out of doors then investing in some quality and comfortable seating is vital.

In particular, look for seating that comes with cushions as well as just a frame as this can really enhance your experience. In fact, it’s possible to get full suits including sofas and chairs built for out-of-doors now, so you can be just as comfortable outside as you are inside!

Finally when it comes to seating do not underestimate the joy that getting a sunlounger can bring. After all, because they recline you can get that vacation feeling, even if you only have an hour to spend in the garden before work!

Choose plants that bring you joy

The plants in our garden tend to be influenced by two things, what was already growing when we moved in, and what is trendy right now. However, you can significantly increase the pleasure you take in your outside space, as well as the time you spend in the garden by picking plants, flowers, bushes, and trees that you love.

For example, someone that adores bright colors may plant flowers like pansies, daisies, and chrysanthemums. Whereas another person that likes a more dessert garden feel might opt for cacti and succulents.

Create some shelter

Many people are lucky enough to live in a location where they either get sun all of the time or can easily predict when it will rain and so just not use the garden at that time.

However, this is certainly not the case for everyone, and unpredictable weather can get us out of the habit of spending time outside very quickly. That is why building some shelter in your garden is a smart idea. Then even if it is raining you can still go outside and enjoy yourself. Indeed, is there anything better than heading to a sheltered spot with a cup of steaming tea and a good book, and listening to the rain come down, when you are wrapped up all cosy and warm? Now, if that doesn’t encourage you to spend more time outside, then noting will!

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