Sustainable Living Upgrades

With a few fantastic upgrades, you can achieve a sustainable home without compromising on style. It’s much easier to power your home using renewables nowadays, and it can even add value to your property. You can also opt for recycled materials to renovate both your exterior and interior and there are many elegant flooring options. Create a unique look to your decor as well with some handmade or upcycled feature pieces. Here are five sustainable yet stylish ideas to help you revamp your living space.


A balcony garden


Many people don’t get much use out of their balconies but you can actually turn it into a fabulous feature. Create a beautiful balcony garden with some locally-sourced plants and upcycled accessories. Make use of vertical space by adding shelving units made from recycled wooden crates or repurposed indoor shelves. You can even build a herb garden or grow your own vegetables in pots. For a sleek modern look, show off the space you’ve created with infinity glass.


Solar panels


Solar panels can effectively power your home and will even reduce your utility bills. You can find out exactly how much do solar panels cost online, but over time they will save you money. They add value to your home and you can take advantage of the tax relief that comes with using renewable resources.


Reclaimed wood


Reclaimed wood is incredibly versatile. You can use it to upgrade side paneling, the roof, or for renovating your interior. Do some research to find designers that create unique pieces of furniture and artwork with reclaimed wood. There are many benefits of using reclaimed wood as well as being environmentally-friendly. It makes a gorgeous original feature and each piece tells a story. It’s also a lot more durable than newer timber.


Sustainable flooring


To add a unique look to your living room, you could opt for a handmade rug. There are many artisans that only work with sustainable materials to create interesting patterns and textures. You can find luxury one-off pieces, which are like a work of art you can walk on. Here are some of the top sustainable rug brands that each have their own unique style. There are also many other sustainable flooring options such as cork or bamboo, or even custom recycled glass tiles for a mosaic effect.


Upcycled furniture


Upcycling is a growing trend and people are making a lot of money out of furniture flipping. You could shop for original repurposed pieces or even have a go yourself. Revamp some old furniture you’ve got hidden in the attic, or buy it second-hand at a thrift store or market. If you’re into DIY, an upcycling project could be a great stress-relieving activity. Here are some upcycling tips for beginners, so you can learn a few tricks. By adding a few of your own creations, your home will be filled with wonderful conversation pieces. With a few sustainable upgrades, you make a stylish living space while doing your bit to reduce emissions.

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