Making The Most Of Your Small Yard Space

When it comes to outdoor space, not every home is blessed with a big and extensive yard. Whilst you may feel disappointed that your yard is not as big as others out there, the truth is that there are plenty of things that you can do to make the most of your existing yard space, no matter how small it is. 

Want to feel proud of your yard? Here are the best ways to make more of even the smallest yard space.  

Have zones 

You may think that separating your yard space out will have the opposite effect of making it appear larger, but this is not the case. Having zones means that you will be able to designate certain spots to your garden, which will help it feel that it has more purpose for each part. For example, you can have ine zone for dining, one zone for relaxing, one zone where the kids can play, one for relaxing, an dmaybe even one for your pets. This may seem like a lit of zones for a small space, but it is doable, ands if it isn’t just choose the number of zones that are most important to you and put them in place

Bring your inside and outside together with french doors 

If you are worried that your yard is too small, then one great way to make it feel bigger is to use the space that you have indoors. Install french doors between the two areas, and not only will you bring more light to your living room or dining room, but you will also create a great flow between the two spaces too, making your exterior space feel bigger than it is. It’ll be like your garden is an extension of the room it’s located off.  

Make it feel like an interior 

Another way to make sure that your yard feels as big as possible is to make it feel like an interior. By giving it this type of feel, you will make it feel warm, cozy, and inviting, rather than cramped and small. It also makes it a lovely space for you to enjoy yourself with your family, friends, or just by yourself if you are not feeling in a sociable mood.  

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Choose the right furniture 

If you are short on space in your yard, then the last thing you should be doing is fill the space with large dining tables and lots of chairs. It is a much better idea to try and keep your furniture as small as possible. That way, it is not going to overwhelm the space that you do have completely.  

Not only should you try to aim for compact furniture, but you should also think about furniture that is multi-purpose, too, as this means when it does take up space, that the area it takes up can be used in a variety of ways.  

Think outside the box 

Sometimes, when it comes to working with small yards, you need to think about the angle that you are looking at. The chances are that if you change the angle that you look at your yard, such as viewing it from a corner, then you may see a better way to organize the space that you do have. One that opens it up and makes the entire yard look big and inviting.  

Keep it neat 

A little organization can go a long way, mainly when working with a small space, inside or outside your home. Tidying your yard might not always sound like the best way to spend your time, but we can promise you that if you choose to give it a good tidy, you will feel the benefit. 

When a yard is tidy and neat, it will feel much bigger and more open—all better news for you.  

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Keep it enclosed 

Another tip that may sound like a strange idea is to enclose the yard rather than have it open. The idea behind this is that by surrounding your yard, you make it feel cozy and intimate, which is essentially the selling point of having such a small yard. Many people with big yards try to segment off space with bigger fences and a real sense of being compact.  

However, with a smaller yard, you can do this much easier and across the entire space rather than picking one zone.  

Change your line of sight 

Not everyone has a nice view from their garden, making an already compact space even more disappointing. Why not change this by changing your line of sight? You can do it in one of several ways (and unfortunately, none of them involves moving what you can see); instead, you think about adding trellises that block out some of the views. Then adding color or perhaps some solar lights or plants to create a brand new (and much more attractive) view.  

Create some contrast 

A little contrast can go a long way, particularly in a small yard. Think not only about the color but also shape too. You can match square and rectangular shapes to give a different flow to your yard. You can also use different textures too by placing spiky plants next to those that are more flowing.  

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Make it low maintenance 

Even small gardens can take time to maintain, and the more time it takes to keep them, the more chance that you will not do it. It is a much better idea to try and make your small yard as easy as possible to maintain, as this will reduce the clutter, the mess, and the chances of it feeling that it is organized.  

Add plenty of personality 

You may think that you cannot bring as much personality to an outside space as an indoor space. But this is just not the case. There are so many ways that you can make sure that your yard feels entirely like your own creation.  

Plants and their pots, statues and ornaments, water features, and even the paths you choose. You can also add character with your furniture choices and, if you find someone who creates outdoor-friendly art, you can also display this.  

Have a focal point 

Sometimes the best way to take the focus off of the fact that your yard is small is to ensure that you have something else to look at. Creating a focal point in your outdoor space will ensure that your eyes are always on that, and you will forget that you are in a smaller yard and instead think that you are in a bigger one.  

There are so many ways that you can create a focal point. It is down to you and how you want to use your outdoor space best. Some people may choose some outdoor artwork or a sculpture. Others may want to install a fire pit that everyone can gather around.  

The main thing to do when you have a small yard is just to embrace it. Sure, it might not be as big as some others out there, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t do all the things that you need to. Any yard, even the most compact ones, can be transformed into a space to sit, to read, to socialise, to eat and to enjoy being out in the fresh air as much as possible.  

Make the most of it, make the most of what you have and simply do whatever you can to make it the yard that you hope for.  


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