Is Your Home As Comfortable As It Should Be?

Your should be the most comfortable place you could ever be! It should be the ultimate relaxation pad; cosy and functional, but still tidy and organized, with plenty of signs of life. A book on the coffee table and blankets on the sofa in the living room, a pleasant smell wafting in from the kitchen – it really does set a lovely scene! 

However, is your home as comfortable as it should be? And by that we mean: does it have all the right amenities, and creature comforts, and essential modern upgrades that make living much more convenient? Because if not, it might be a good time to rethink your living arrangements, and see what you can do about the gaps in your relaxing paradise! 

So, without further ado, here are some ideas to keep in mind. Home improvements can be as little as switching the furniture around for better traffic flow, or as big as getting a much needed extension attached onto your kitchen. We’re hoping to aim somewhere between the two. 

Is Your Home As Comfortable As It Should Be

What’s Your Entryway Like?

The first thing to consider, when it comes to how comfortable your home is, is what your entryway is like right now. Is it a small space? Is it cold and empty? Does it have a few items in it, like a chair or a shoe rack, but doesn’t have much else to show for it? Is there even a welcome mat on the floor, either inside or outside of the front door? Questions like these are essential to ask when you finish decorating and wonder if things look OK! 

So, your entryway might need some work. Make sure it’s a nice place to come into, as it’s the first impression any guests that come into your home will have. Not to mention just how different some entryway accessories can make your whole house look – if you’ve got a small porch outside, a potted plant and a mat on the ground will really help to create a welcoming vibe, and it’ll help to brick up the blocky, bold coloring of all that siding/exterior bricks as well. 

You may even want to consider painting your front door, or having a new one fitted. A colorful front door, like a red or blue one, will help to set your house apart from the others on the street, as well as give your cosy, comfortable home a bit more external character as well. 

Are You Using Your Space Smartly?

It’s a good idea to consider how well you’re using the space around your home right now. Are you wasting space? Or does everything have its right, proper place? And while there’s a fine line between the two, having a tidy, organised system will always make your home feel much more comfortable. No one likes seeing mess on the floor! 

Most of all, you need to know you can move around your home without any interruption. You need to know it has a good traffic flow, and that you’re not going to run into anything and possibly stub your toe. This is especially true for smaller homes or apartments, as you’ve got very limited real estate to work with. Indeed, having the right furniture layout can make your home look much bigger than it actually is. 

But to put it simply, yes, it can be a bad idea to press your furniture up against the walls and the radiators, but you need to leave enough room around that coffee table in the middle! No one wants to be constantly moving that to get in and out, so try to find a middle ground between the two. 

You Might Need to Replace Your Windows

Your windows are a big part of your home, both structurally and focally. A window lets plenty of light and air in, and they’re always nice to curl up next to with a hot cuppa. However, the windows in your home might not work as efficiently as they used to – they might be loose, the frame might be rotting or wearing away, and you might not even have effective insulation to both keep your home warm during the colder times of the year and save energy as they do it. 

Which is why a window replacement or upgrade is a great idea here, for ensuing your home is as comfortable as you need it to be. And this is both in terms of physical comfort and budget comfort! If you find the windows in your home look visibly old and musty, or you can feel the condensation come in through the window pane when it’s cold and damp out, you’re definitely going to need to get your windows seen to! Similarly, the amount of energy that can leak out of a poorly fitted or poorly insulated window, on average, can be up to 40%, and mostly in the form of heat – that’s just wasted money on your bank account. 

But what kind of windows should you replace your current ones with? Well, it can be totally up to you, but you want to guarantee a few things. For a preliminary look, you can check out some likely options for your new windows right here, but all in all, you need the right material and the right shape, and make sure you get the window that opens in your preferred manner. 

Make Sure to Use the Right Colors

You’re also going to need to go through a quick crash course in color theory; don’t worry, barely anyone gets their color palettes right the first time around! But once you’ve splashed some colors on the walls, and you’ve incorporated a feature wall here and there, are you really satisfied with the results in front of you? Don’t be afraid to ask yourself the question: Do those colors really work together? 

Because even with the best of intentions, it’s very easy to create a room that’s just hurtful to the eyes. You try to sit and relax in it, but everything is too bright and a little too ‘loud’, and it somehow seems even worse when the blinds are open and the usually pleasing sunlight starts to filter in! Either that, or the room just seems a little too bland, or a little too dark, and you find yourself wanting to use the room less and less because the palette affects your mood

And that’s a real worry. Colors can do a lot to your mood, and when you’re constantly exposed to the wrong ones, you may find yourself being more tired and irritable than usual. Of course, everybody is different, and will react at different levels in a room that’s painted red or blue, but that point still stands. All in all, read up on how to pair complementary colors, and make sure you’re incorporating the right colors in the right rooms, as they could potentially help you to use them better. 

Do You Have a Comfortable Home?

It can be a hard question to answer. We all have different definitions of what comfortable really is, but there tends to be a general theme; feeling relaxed at home, and knowing that your house is safe and warm and even cost effective will make it feel cosier than anything else! So make sure you keep the above ideas in mind, especially if you’re feeling like it’s time for a quick home redec, and you really want to make a positive change this time. 

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