How to Have a Safe Trip in Los Angeles

There’s no denying that Los Angeles is a famous city for tourists to visit. Each year, millions of visitors enjoy the sights, sounds, and culture that LA has to offer. Sadly, some visitors have a memorable time for the wrong reasons.

That’s why it makes sense to prepare for a safe trip to Los Angeles. The following are some practical steps you can take to minimize the risk of anything dampening your memories of the famous city:

How to Have a Safe Trip in Los Angeles

Store Your Luggage Somewhere Safe

If you’re only planning a day trip to Los Angeles, such as a layover to another city, you may not want to rent a hotel room when you’re only going to use it for storing your luggage. Due to security restrictions, there isn’t anywhere to keep your baggage at LAX.

The good news is there are a few options for secure and safe luggage storage in Los Angeles. You can leave your luggage at one of those locations and spend the day enjoying the sights and sounds that Los Angeles has to offer and collect your items later.

Forget About Public Transport

Los Angeles does have a good transit system, and you can get a bus that will take you to the most popular tourist sites. However, the trouble with public transport is that it can often take you a lot of time to get from one location to another.

What’s more, crime occurs daily on LA’s buses and other public transport systems. It makes more sense to have safer journeys by booking an Uber. Firstly, you won’t need to share your ride with strangers. And, secondly, you’ll get to your destinations quicker than by bus.

Don’t Jaywalk

If you’re not a reader from the United States, jaywalking is where pedestrians cross the stress without using a designated crossing zone. In Los Angeles, jaywalking is a legal infraction and could get you a ticket written by the cops.

Jaywalking is also a dangerous pastime in some of LA’s busier streets and could likely get you involved in a collision with a vehicle if they aren’t paying full attention to the road ahead of them.

When you need to cross the street in Los Angeles, do yourself a favor and use a designated crosswalk.

Be Street-Smart When You Travel

The ugly truth about Los Angeles is that it’s a city notorious for pickpocketing and muggings. Most visitors to the city have a trouble-free experience, but some become victims of crime. With that in mind, you should be street-smart when you travel across LA.

Here are some tips you can follow:

  • Keep your money stashed in several locations on your person;
  • Use an RFID-blocking wallet or purse to block contactless fraud;
  • Be aware of your surroundings when you walk into a crowded area;
  • Never keep your cards or wallet in your back pocket.

Final Thoughts

Your visit to Los Angeles doesn’t need to be one fraught with drama or despair if you follow the simple rules and travel tips above. Good luck!

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