Bathroom Upgrade Ideas

Do you want a bathroom upgrade but are short on ideas? If so, you’re in the right place. In this post, we take a look at some of the most dazzling and enchanting bathroom upgrade ideas out there. Check them out for yourself below. 


Fireside Bathtub


Imagine being able to bathe next to a roaring fire? It would be a lot of fun, right? And it would look great too!


Well, if you’re lucky enough to live in a period property, there’s nothing stopping you. Just get a plumber to install a freestanding bath next to the hearth for a cozy and inspiring bathroom experience. 


Even if you don’t have a traditional fireplace, you can still recreate the experience. Just purchase a wall-mounted electric fire next to the bath for additional warmth as you bathe. 


Versailles Powder Room


Have you always dreamed of having a powder room in your home? Well, with judicious use of marble, you can create one. 


The concept is actually quite simple. You just choose an unusual flavor of marble, perhaps sea-blue and white, and then use the color scheme on every surface in the room, including the vanities, floors, and walls up to the crown molding. The resulting interior is nothing short of stunning. 


Bright And Airy


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Perhaps you want something that feels bright, airy, and uplifting. If so then you might want to think about natural ways you can accentuate the amount of daylight getting into your bathroom. The key to this is choosing fittings and fixtures that suit the room. Large open windows, reflective ceiling lights, and big mirrors are all must-have features. 


Bath With A View


Taking a bath while looking out over the countryside is a dream for many. However, many people never actually get on and do it because of privacy concerns. Putting a big piece of glass next to the bath leaves you a little vulnerable to peeping Toms. 


Good news: you can now get panel glass which is translucent when looking through it from the inside, and opaque when viewed from outside. So that means you can happily scrub away without worrying about anyone looking it at you. What a luxury!


Tiled Simplicity


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Have you ever experienced the decor style of a school gym or shower? They have these small, brick-like white tiles and white floors. 


It might seem like a strange idea, but you can apply these tiles in your home to a tremendous, stylish effect. Your bathroom looks a little bit like the subway afterward, but in a good way. 


Gilded And Glamorous


Perhaps you’d like your bathroom to be a little more glamorous. If so, then the gilded approach can really help to bring it up to the next level. You’re not going for anything over-the-top luxurious or exotic. Instead, you’re taking regular elements – such as railings – and them coating them in gold leaf or a substitute. Antique furniture, tufted slipper chairs, and large, ornate mirrors complement this kind of interior perfectly.


Aggressive Minimalism


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These days, many people are giving up the pursuit of “stuff” in search of a higher quality of life. And, as such, they’re trying to get rid of all the clutter in their interiors as well. 


Aggressive minimalism has come to every room in the home, including the bathroom. Many bathrooms furnished in the style feature limestone bathtubs, pure brilliant white tiles, and minimalist light fittings. The initial impression is of a contemporary space. But it feels hauntingly empty at times. 


Zen Bathroom


Zen as a philosophy is all about emptying the mind and rejecting the ego so that a person can discover their nature. And zen-themed bathrooms strongly reflect this. Bathrooms done in this style often have a similar feel as a treehouse. They’re woody, have large, open views, and make use of woodwork wherever possible. They’re quite hard to keep looking good because of the need to regularly apply waterproofing to the wood. But they can look great if you’re going for something natural and aesthetically pleasing. 


An Oversized Tub


Lastly, why not consider installing an over-sized tub as part of your bathroom renovations. Big tubs aren’t anything particularly new. But they can change your bathing experience completely. You have space to move around and spread out, which you don’t get in a regular bath. 


Large bathtubs also serve as a helpful focal point for the entire room. They make it clear what the room is doing and trying to achieve. Yes – they can be heavy and expensive. But they also last a long time. 


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