7 Features You Need For Your Beachhouse

If you’re lucky enough to live by the sea, then you know how good it feels to stare out over the ocean, watching the tides go in and out. 

However, using your property to take full advantage of this experience is a challenge. Here are some of the features you absolutely need at your beachfront property. 

It’s Close To The Sea


When looking for seaside homes for sale, check how far the property is from the sea as this will make a considerable difference in your quality of life. Ideally, the shore should be around 100 yards away. Any less than that and the house is at risk of falling into the ocean. And further than that, and you won’t be able to enjoy the view. 


The best seafront properties typically have a chunk of garden or scrub that lies just behind the main public beach. You can usually enclose this area and use it for setting up your seating and hammocks. 


It Has A Pier


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Some beachfront properties also have piers that stretch out into the sea for mooring boats. These are great because they provide you with a kind of personal harbor. It negates the need to jostle for space with owners of other pleasure craft. 


Jetties are best for small boats in sheltered areas. They don’t work well on headlands because of the strength of the tide and turnover of the ocean floor. 


Piers, however, are helpful because they make it easier to enjoy the beachfront life. You just step out of your backdoor, walk along the jetty towards your boat, step into it and set off. It’s as easy as that. 


Large Seaview Windows


In the past, people built cottages by the sea with small windows because it was cheaper. But to really enjoy views of the sea, you need large windows. 


Many of today’s beachfront properties come with these as standard. They offer large, glass-paneled bi-folding doors at the rear that adjoin outdoor terrace spaces. So whether you’re sitting outside or inside, there is no impediment to your view of the sea. 


Don’t worry if a property that you love doesn’t have large sea-view windows. You can always retrofit them in the future. The price of paneled glass is coming down all the time, making these options more affordable for the vast majority of people. 


There’s Space For All Your Toys


Living by the sea provides you with all sorts of opportunities to just play and have fun. You could go surfing, paddleboarding, kayaking, windsurfing, jet skiing, and even boating. 

That’s why many beachfront properties have subterranean garages for storing all your equipment. They provide space for all your recreational activities so that you can quickly and easily grab what you need to hit the water. 


Many beachfront homes come with double-height garages for storing boats on trailers. Thus, if you’re a keen boat enthusiast, you might want to invest in one of these. 


A Viewing Gallery


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Many premium beachfront properties have a viewing gallery at the top of the home for simply looking out to sea and wondering what lies beyond the horizon. These usually take the form of attic conversions or are just a part of the third floor of the building. Many look like glass turrets, poking out of the roof. 


A Boot Room


Don’t underestimate the importance of boot rooms when living by the sea. You often need a space where you can strip off, leave damp swimming costumes and sand-encrusted sandals before entering the house. 


Some boot rooms have advanced features, like foot washing gullies. The idea here is to use water to get all the sand off your feet before you step inside the home. 


An Outdoor Shower


Related to this is the need to have an outdoor shower. If you go in the sea or walk on the sand, your body and hair will become encrusted with sand particles and salt crystals. 


The best way to deal with this and keep your house clean is to place an outdoor shower on your patio, similar to something you might find at a regular swimming pool. When fitting the shower, make sure that you have a gully that can collect all the water and funnel it off into the regular drainage system. You don’t want soap suds accumulating on your back lawn or terrace. 


So, there you have it: some of the features you absolutely need in your beachfront property. If you’re in the market for one, always ask the agent about the practical features that the home gives you before submitting an offer. 

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