Why Texture Is Important To Interior Design

During the end of the previous decade, we found that many homes looked the same. But why? It was because the trend that we saw in the post-modern designing schools, bled out into the world, the same old drab neutral-centric styles. They were frequently influenced by the Northern European nations that were obsessed with white, grey and black. Their minimalist approach was incredibly simple to enact in your own home and it was framed as being uber-sophisticated. Well, the year of 2020 put a stop to this and it was incredible to see how. Textures and bright colors, along with curved lines and more depth came back with a vengeance. 




Chequered tiles


Making a comeback are the balck and white chequered floor and wall tiles that were so popular in the 80s. As you know, fashion often recycles itself and thus, you can see new modern homes splendidly displaying chequered tiles for their bathrooms, kitchen backsplashes as well as the floors. But, they don’t have to be black and white, they can be blue and white, yellow and white, red and white, etc. It’s all about exploring old ideas and trying to make them new again. This is why the modern home has allowed this to come back and adorn the walls in our homes once more. We can also implement this idea in a new way.


Fluted drawers


Drawers have always been a maybe item that people would either like to have or avoid. For one thing, drawers take up space and they must be useful to us otherwise we see know need for them. But if you want to implement drawers now, you should have fluted drawers that have an awesome texture. They will be displaying a difference in shades too as the darkness between, inside the fluted areas, will pop as the bright shade on the surface gleams. These grooves are usually done in the Scandanavian style, in that they are done about 1-2cm deep. It’s crucial that you have this so you have the light balance in play.




Your style?


We all wish that we could implement our own style as this is the perfect time to do so. Why? Well, when any new decade begins, the interior design world tends to relook at it’s approach. That’s why trusted Interior Design companies are now taking new orders from customers of all kinds. Speak to the designers and let them know of your own tastes. They can then give you a bunch of ideas to choose from and then slowly remake your home in your new vision. We recommend that you learn the history of interior design, know the styles, periods and key materials that have shaped the modern world. 


The trends that we have seen so far this year, point towards a greater influence in texture. We want to see homes with a different ‘feel’ and not just look. This is exciting for those of us that love interior design and want to be challenged.


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