What To Do If Injured While Travelling


Although vacations are supposed to be fun and stress-free, it is not uncommon for people to become injured while abroad. After all, while traveling the world, people often try things they’ve never done before, such as risky sports like scuba diving or horseback riding. Getting injured when you are far away from home can be pretty scary, so it is important to know what to do if you find yourself in this situation.


In this article you will find expert advice on how to deal with an injury while traveling. Although the situation may never arise for you, it’s always worth being extra prepared for the worst case scenario!

Your Travel Insurance

First thing’s first: you need to have comprehensive travel insurance. Take this blog as your fair warning: without travel insurance, you are putting yourself and your belongings at great risk. When you travel without insurance, you are exposing yourself to potentially huge costs of medical bills and belongings replacement if something bad happens. Nobody should be in this position, but thousands of people per year make this mistake.


When you get injured abroad, you will need to be treated by a local doctor. Depending on where it is you are in the world, the cost of a doctor’s visit can range widely – and this, of course, also depends on the level of treatment you will require. When going abroad, it is super important to buy travel insurance that covers high level medical bills. If you need emergency treatment such as surgery when outside your home country, you’ll be glad you took out that insurance policy.

Getting Home

The next tricky thing about getting injured while overseas is getting home. Some injuries require you to refrain from flying for a period of time while your injuries heal; this means you will have to remain in the country for longer than you had planned.


If you are able to fly, you may be able to claim compensation for last-minute flights on your insurance policy if the return is due to the injury. Most people want to get home as soon as possible after a travel injury; it feels much better to be at home when you are sick or injured.


If you are currently injured while abroad, contact your country’s embassy in the nearest capital city for guidance.

Legal Representation

Lastly, you may need to seek legal representation either in the country where you are injured, or once you return home. If the injury you sustained was due to negligence of a company or institution, you may be able to gain compensation from them as a result. For this to happen, you will need to retain the services of highly reviewed personal injury lawyers who can assist you in this process.


Legal representation can be intimidating to approach, but if you plan to sue a company or seek compensation, it is an essential step.

Final Thoughts

Getting injured is the last thing anyone wants when they go on vacation, but sometimes accidents happen and it is important to be fully prepared!

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