How To Make Your Family Reunion More Memorable

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As people search for more exciting adventures and new job opportunities, they can get separated from their loved ones. It is not uncommon for such families to rely on holiday cards and video calls with their once-close aunts, parents, cousins, and siblings.

However, a family reunion can help bring relatives together. Additionally, they enable new family members to feel welcome. Whether you’re planning a weeklong getaway or just an afternoon together, learn how you can make your reunion memorable.

  • Plan in Advance

To get all your family members to attend, you need to notify them in advance about the event. This will give your folks enough time to make their travel plans. For family members who need to purchase a plane ticket, notifying them in advance will allow them enough time to save money by purchasing their tickets early.

  • Have a Purpose for the Gathering

If there is another event like a wedding, graduation ceremony, or funeral that your family members are planning to attend, you can take that opportunity to plan for a family reunion. This will be easier because everyone will be in one place, and they will be more likely to attend. Alternatively, you can invite family members during a holiday like Easter.

  • Create a Memory Board

While planning for the reunion, request family members to share pictures from the past and present. Arrange the photos on posters and place them on your memory board. A memory board will help to start a conversation, bond with each other, and new members can learn about the family history.

  • Plan for the Reunion Meal

Food is probably the most crucial part of any reunion. Family members share good laughs and share fun times over a meal. However, most reunion meals range from formal banquets to potluck picnics, and each of them will require careful planning. To make the family reunion memorable, you may want to try doing the turkey on the grill.

Remember to accommodate Paleos, vegans, sodium-restricted, and gluten-frees when planning for the reunion meal. Additionally, you must decide the foods that will be appealing to adults, toddlers, and teenagers.

  • Remember the Icebreakers

Family reunions bring together members from both the immediate and extended family. Therefore, there will be some new faces and several faces that you and your loved ones haven’t seen in years. It is your responsibility to make all members feel comfortable to mingle with others. Therefore, remember to start the event with an icebreaker. For instance, you can request every family member to write down the most interesting fact about themselves on a sheet immediately when they arrive. You can then have them interact and find out whether they match with other members.

  • Introduce a New Family Tradition

After the reunion, your family members will obviously be grateful for planning such a fun party. But before people start leaving, take a poll from all members on the best part of the day. Turn the most favorite event into a family tradition. This will allow all family members to experience it again and create more memories.

Whether you often meet with your family or not, it is crucial that you dedicate a special day or weekend for family reunions. You can make your family reunion more memorable by planning in advance, creating a memory board, preparing a family-style meal, breaking the ice, and introducing a new family tradition.   


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