How To Build An Herb Garden

How To Build An Herb Garden

Herbs are the lifeblood of food, and if you love to cook they can be an important part of the kitchen or the garden. Herbs can elevate any meal and will add a fresh flavour that can make any of your culinary delights wow your family and friends. 


Today we want to talk about how you can install a herb garden in your kitchen or your garden and take advantage of herbs throughout the year while cooking your favourite meals. 

Enclose the space 

The first thing you need to do if planning a herb garden outside is to block off an area for your herbs to grow. Herbs can be easy to grow however they also attract predators, and this is why investing in a good boundary for your herb garden is important. Consider a fence contractor and also some copper wire to give your herbs some protection. 

Start from seed 

Now is the time to consider starting germination in your kitchen. February is too cold for many plants to grow. However, you can start to grow plants from seed in your house and take them outside when they are big enough to withstand the weather. Try growing plants such as parsley and mint from seed and you should find success. 

Trim often 

It is so important when you are growing herbs that you trim them now and again to keep them healthy and strong. Trimming your herb plants encourages more growth so when you use your herbs more often in the kitchen you’ll be promoting them to keep growing and thriving. If you look after your herbs right they can last all year and even beyond. 

Use cuttings 

It is so important to use cuttings if you have access to fresh herbs from the supermarket. There is no need to spend a huge amount of money on herb plants or seeds if you already have some fresh sprigs in your kitchen fridge. To make a cutting of something such as Rosemary simply cut a 3-4 inch long piece of herb, take off all but the top few leaves, and place in a small glass of water and leave for a week. Once you see roots start to grow you can plant in soil in your kitchen and once it has grown a little, it can be transferred outside. 

Choose a sunny spot 

It is important when choosing a place to plant your herb garden to choose somewhere that gets a lot of sun. A sunny shelf in your kitchen, a hanging herb garden, or a spit by the window is ideal for this. It will allow your herbs to grow and thrive throughout the year and bring you big flavour. 

Consider an electric planter 

One thing you could do if you have a shady kitchen is to buy a herb garden with a built in heater. When growing herbs in colder or darker places this is a great idea and will keep them healthy for longer. 

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