How To Avoid Backyard Hazards

Your backyard, no matter the size, the shape, or whether it is pristine or filled with children’s toys, is a little haven. Having an outside space to relax in, play in, grow things in, and just enjoy, can be something really wonderful to make the most of, all year round. However, there can be some potential hazards that are hiding. Some of these hidden dangers can quite easily hurt other people, and some things could even damage the garden, wildlife, and your home. 


A lot of common sense can help when it comes to hazards in your backyard and keeping yourself protected. But there are some things that could slip through the net and that you might not even realize are a potential hazard. For example, a large tree close to the house could be great for shade in the summer. However, in a big storm, or over time as it grows, it could either fall on the house or cause foundation damage with its roots. You might not have thought that you needed tree removal but in a case like that, you probably do. So what are some of the other things that you need to think about in the backyard that could be potential hazards for your family and surroundings? Here are some good things to think about. 




Plants and flowers

Plants and flowers are what make a backyard a garden, but there is a chance that some of that could be hazardous to you. For example, if you are growing rhubarb in the backyard, then you need to be very careful about letting children near the leaves, as they can be poisonous and hazardous when touched or ingested (and little ones won’t know any different). Some flowers can attract bees and wasps, which can be a good thing, but not if you have someone who is allergic in the family. So just be careful about what you plant, whether it is fruits, veggies, or flowers.


Trampolines and toys

Having toys in the backyard to play with, as well as trampolines, can be so much fun. But you need to make sure that they are being enjoyed in a way that is safe. Trampolines, for example, could be placed at ground level, if a space is dug out for it to fit. You could also think about getting a net to surround the trampoline, as well as padding for the springs, to make it safer. Making sure that there aren’t things like bikes underneath the trampoline helps too, otherwise bouncing on it can be pretty dangerous and hurt your feet.


Trash and pests

No matter where you live, trash is a fact of life. If you start to dump your trash and food waste anywhere, then it isn’t a good idea as it can be so attractive to pests and vermin. Mice and rats, as well as foxes and raccoons can come out looking for the waste, which can be unhygienic, mean the spread of diseases, as well as potentially dangerous if you encounter a vicious pest with sharp teeth. So make sure your trash is safe and secure, when you’re waiting for it to be collected.


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