Tips for Minimalist Home Design



January is a time for change and improvement. Once 2020 passed a lot of us hoped for a fresh new start in 2021 without the looming presence of the pandemic – however for now it is not going anywhere. 


One of the ways you can make an improvement to your life and your home is to have a clear out and get things organised and simplified. But you can also go one step further than this and consider minimizing your home and your life. 


Considering a more minimalist lifestyle is a great thing because it gets rid of unwanted clutter and will make your life much easier when it comes to cleaning and even moving house. Here are some of the ways you can be more minimal at home this year. 


Try a capsule wardrobe 


One of the first things you can try when making changes to your home is a capsule wardrobe. Have you been sick of never knowing what to wear or feeling uncomfortable in some of the clothes you do have? Well; the idea behind a capsule wardrobe is to only have the essentials – and to only have things that genuinely fit you. Instead of 4 white tees you’ll have 1 which fits perfectly to you. Trying out a capsule wardrobe is a great idea because it will decrease the clutter in your cupboards and leave your fashion style fresh and simple. 


Say goodbye to small Knick knacks 


You know all of those random little plants, ornaments, and random items you have on the shelves? Get rid of them. Having lots of small items on your shelves make the space feel much more cluttered than if you were to have a few choice pieces that were larger. For example a large vase, picture frame or wax melt burner would be more in keeping with a minimal style than lots of tiny pieces. Plus, it is much easier to clean your home when there are less items! 


Leave spaces on shelves 


Speaking of less is more – on your shelves it is important to leave some blank space. Blank space is underrated and many people think that a small space needs to be filled with something in order to look good. Try out having half of the items you normally display on your shelves and just see the difference it makes to the room. Less is truly more when it comes to design and it will be a brilliant way to enjoy more space in your home. 


Get rid of random furniture 


Now is the perfect time to rid yourself of random side tables, CD holders, and ottomans from your home that you no longer use. You can hire a secure storage unit for the time being and get rid of a few items out of your home to see how it changes the dynamic of the space – and then sell these items on to someone who will get some use out of them and will appreciate them. 


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