Planning For Fun in 2020!

What a year 2020 was. The less said about it (at least within the preamble to a warm and friendly post like this), the better. However, a bad 2020 doesn’t mean a good 2021 is impossible. In fact, it’s only when we go through hardship that we can fully appreciate normality, and the good times when they are here. It’s a shame things have to be that way, but we wouldn’t know what we mean by ‘good and happy’ if we didn’t also know it’s opposite, ‘difficulty and worry.’ 


We’d say you’re owed a little happiness and a little carefree fun. Of course, planning that in the midst of an unpredictable winter can sometimes be a little tiring for most. In that way, learning how to have fun and how to make plans once more, keeping in mind our need for responsibility, is a great idea.


But what does this look like in practice? In the following three tidbits of advice, we hope anyone can enjoy what’s set to be an optimistic year:


Family Activities


It can be nice to spend some time with our families doing anything outside of staying in and quarantining. But how can we do that when society hasn’t re-opened and cases are still being found? Well, you can have great fun at home. Making the most of your green space can be a great idea, for instance. The best above ground pools can help you enjoy a relaxing or hilarious event each day enjoying the Spring and Summer weather, while investing in outdoor cooking equipment, like a grill, can be thoroughly entertaining. Little efforts like this can help you connect and bond with your family, and most importantly, blow off steam.


Keeping To Our Resolutions

It can be a great idea to set some nice resolutions and keep to them. This might mean fleshing your professional portfolio out online, calling each family member and telling them what they mean to you, reading more in your comfortable rocking armchair, or following some home workouts on YouTube. You’ll realise through this effort that often, fun, enjoyment and happiness comes when following your goals and setting a new discipline for yourself. Don’t believe us? Just give it a try! This can also set a great example to your other family members.


Becoming More Creative


Becoming more creative can not only help you enjoy a new discipline, but it helps you relieve stress. Sometimes the only way you can fully express yourself is through art, or painting, or poetry, or through making a few video logs for a YouTube channel, or in posting updates to a blog. Creativity need not be perfect, or especially talented to be worthwhile. Those who have never picked up a creative tool in their life can make something of themselves. Preparing to have fun can often mean giving yourself the freedom to try new things. And we’re sure there’s a creative discipline you’ve yet to try.


With this advice, we hope you can move into 2021 with a little more hope, optimism, and a reminder of just how much there is to do and see.


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