How To Refresh Your Bedroom

A brand new year represents an ideal opportunity to revamp and freshen up your interiors, especially at a time when most of us are spending more time in our homes than ever. If you’re eager to explore new trends and give your bedroom an interior update, here are some ideas to inspire you. 

True romance

They say that romance never dies, and in 2021, there’s plenty of appetite for indulgent, whimsical, fairytale-inspired vintage bedrooms. Bedrooms should be havens of peace and tranquility, and soft tones, mismatched textures and statement features are ideal for creating this ambiance. Think oversized, ornate mirrors placed over dressing tables, decadent Murano chandeliers and beds draped with silk covers and velvet cushions. Opt for neutral tones of beige, white and cream and add flashes of blush, rose gold or bronze using accessories, such as photograph frames, rugs, plant pots and vases. 


The natural look

Natural materials have become increasingly popular, as we shift towards a more eco-friendly way of living. Embracing the natural look is all about bringing the outside in and celebrating the beauty of organic materials. This trend is ideally suited to those who love open, bright spaces and a minimalist approach to decor. To channel this look, choose understated colors, such as white, cream or mocha and add accents of green using printed cushions, curtains and house plants. Opt for fabrics such as cotton and linen, keep clutter to a minimum and finish with jute rugs and bamboo bedside tables. 


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Beautiful botanicals

Botanical prints provide the perfect blend of uplifting, happy vibes and tranquility, which makes them perfect for bedrooms. With this trend, you have the option to go all-out and buy printed wallpaper and patterned curtains and bedding, or to keep it simple and more understated with accents and accessories. If you’re keen to carry the theme without going over the top, why not create a stunning focal point with a feature wall? You could also keep the walls plain and use soft furnishings, wall art and decorative plant pots to create the look you want. Green is an obvious color choice for botanical bedrooms, but you could also experiment with other tones, such as lemon and pale pink. 


Boho vibes

The Boho aesthetic is perfect for anyone who resents spending time straightening cushions. This relaxed, informal look creates homely, inviting, welcoming spaces that promote calm and relaxation. Mix and match pieces of furniture, adopt a casual approach to scattering cushions and throws on beds and chairs and opt for tones that make you feel happy and serene. Popular choices include warm tones of pink, yellow and orange and soothing shades of green. 


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If the start of a new year has got you thinking about revamping your bedroom, it’s an excellent idea to explore new trends and get some inspiration before you start drawing up plans or ordering new curtains or bedding. From romantic boudoirs to cool, Boho bedrooms, you can choose to channel a trend or mix and match different style elements for a more eclectic design. 

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