How To Get The Model Home Look

Have you ever visited a model home and fallen in love because it looks os amazing, or stared at the homes in one of those glossy magazines and turned green with envy? There’s no need to be jealous because, with a little effort, you can get the model home look in your own property…


Get rid of the clutter


You may have noticed that none of those model homes you’ve visited have exactly been filled with stuff. They’re always pretty spacious and clutter-free and that’s a big part of what they look so amazing. So, before you do anything else, take a weekend to go through all of your possessions, sorting them into things you want or need to keep and things you can easily get rid of,. If you find it hard to part with your excess stuff, then at the very least, look at finding some neat storage solutions that hide it all away and give your home that clean, clutter-free look.


Do some deep cleaning


The model homes we envy and the homes we pour over in glossy magazines are always, without exception, immaculately clean. If you have a family, and maybe a few pets, chances are you aren’t going to be able to keep your home free from every speck of dust and dirt at all times, but a regular deep clean will work wonders when it comes to making your home fresh and appealing. Don’t have the time? Look for cleaning services in your local area who can help you out with the deep cleans, then you just need to do a little maintenance housework to keep things looking good – polishing, dusting vacuuming, you know the drill.


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Play with paint


The best model homes are the ones that have used paint in the most creative ways to create a unique but stylish look. There are a number of ways you can do this from painting a feature wall to accentuate the room and draw the eye to putting together a complementary color palette that you use throughout the house, For example, you could choose a pastel palette whereby you paint the living room a pale shade of blue, and carry that through the house getting a shade lighter or darker as you go for an ombre look, or you could paint the bulk of your home white, using different, but complementary colors as accent walls in each room – play around and see what works for you. There is no right or wrong when it comes to paint as long as you take your time and do the job well.


Move your furniture


Another really simple thing that can give you the ‘model home’ look is pulling your furniture out away from the walls. This often gives the space more flow and somehow makes it seem comfier and inviting than when all of the furniture is pushed harshly against the wall. Obviously, if you’re working with a really small space, this may do more harm than good, but if you have the room, give it a try because you might be pleasantly surprised.


Lots of lighting


Good lighting can make any home look at least a little better, which is why so many show homes have more lamps and light fittings than average. The key is to layer your lighting with lots of different shades and styles. for example, you could have a chandelier or pendant hanging from the ceiling, a floor lamp in the corner, a handful of desk or table lamps, and a few candles dotted around. This will help to diffuse the light in a softer, more pleasing manner, which will make your home cozy, calm, and extremely attractive.


Buy the best you can afford


When it comes to furniture, paint, and accessories, if you want to get the glossy magazine look, it makes sense to buy the best you can afford., This doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on every item in your home, but it does mean that you should look for fabrics and finishes that are as natural, durable, and high quality as possible, Think cottons instead of nylons and silver-plated instead of steel and you won’t go far wrong.


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Choose a focal point


If you want your home to look as put-together as possible, once trick you can employ is to choose one focal point or feature and then build the rest of the room around it. For example, you may have fallen in love with a beautiful antique copper faucet for the kitchen. You could then use this as inspiration buying copper-colored kettles and kitchen accessories to complement it and creating a sort of industrial kitchen design around it. Or, you may absolutely love your Fuschia pink couch which you could use as a focal point by accentuating the room with Fuschia glass vases and pretty flower-patterned cushions and curtains. This is a really easy way to make your space look cohesive and ‘designed’ rather than thrown together. 


Plant power


Plants and flowers are always found in model homes because they are a simple way of bringing a more natural touch into the home. Fresh flowers are also great at adding sophisticated pops of color and making the home smell amazing. Aim to have at least one well looked after plant or vase of fresh flowers in every room for an effortlessly expensive look that may be anything but, Even flowers from the garden can look amazing when made into a posy and presented in a nice pot or vase.


Choose wooden floors


Wooden floors are the perfect choice for your home, not only because they look effortlessly stylish and sophisticated, but also because they are far easier to maintain and keep clean than carpet. Of course, in kitchen and bathroom areas, polished stone tiles are an excellent alternative that will add to the expensive feel of the home and be just as easy as wood to maintain, so you may want to use them there.


You really can have the home of your dreams!


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