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You can do a lot with the lighting in your home. It’s not just the light that can make a difference but the lighting fixtures that you choose too. They can really add to any room or space in your home so that you can brighten up the place and create the style that you want. When you choose eye-catching lighting fixtures, you can transform a room and give people something to look at when they walk in. If you want to start doing your lighting differently and draw some attention, try these ideas for eye-catching lighting that everyone is sure to love.


Use a Mini Pendant to Spotlight and Area


Sometimes you might have a small space that you want to light up and bring to life. For example, maybe you want to create a little nook for reading or for breakfast. You can brighten up these spaces by using a mini pendant light, which highlights the area while also keeping it intimate. The advantage of hanging a pendant light is that it won’t take up floor space like a lamp will, although a floor lamp can be another option if you have space for it. Choose a light that will illuminate your space with a warm glow.


Inject Some Color with Fun Lamp Shades


If you’re someone who loves color or you want to start experimenting with it, using some bright shades with your lighting is a great way to start being more colorful. You can choose brightly colored lamp shades to add accent colors to the spaces in your home. Add a pop of a bright primary color or just choose your favorite color for a bright pop that draws the eye. Lamp shades can be easily swapped out on lots of lamps too, so you can have fun playing with different colors if you want to.


Try a Modern Chandelier


Having a chandelier hanging in your home might seem like a bit too much for many people, but you can consider an alternative that isn’t quite as grandiose. If you like the idea of a chandelier, you might want to consider a modern take on the traditional lighting fixture. You can find some wonderful modern designs that give you all the sparkle of a chandelier but without being too fussy. You can have an electrician install your new fixture, and it’s that easy to make an impressive change. There shouldn’t be anywhere near the same amount of upkeep compared to a more traditional chandelier, although be prepared to have spare bulbs on hand to keep it functional and looking good.


Accent with Sconce Lamps


Another great option for adding some accents to spaces using lighting is to install sconce lamps. These wall fixtures help you to save floor space, making them practical, and they’re also good for helping you to layer your lighting. Relying on ceiling lighting alone can mean you have a lot of light but it’s all a bit one-dimensional. When you use wall sconces and other lighting fixtures at different levels, you can create more layers and levels for your lighting. They come in all kinds of styles, but a lamp-style sconce can be excellent if you want to catch the eye.


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Multi-headed Fixtures and Lamps


Why have a lighting fixture or lamp with just one head when it could have several? It’s a simple way to turn a lighting fixture into something more interesting, and it’s very effective too. You might choose a lamp or lighting fixture that has a series of heads at different lengths. You could have a series of hanging pendants or you might have a cluster of bulbs. A floor lamp can be great for this effect, giving you the option of choosing a lamp with heads at different heights. It will get you a lamp that looks great in the room and it will shine light at different levels for a more complex effect.


Choose Simple, Modern Designs


If you want to create a modern space, keeping things simple can work best. Simple definitely doesn’t have to mean boring, and you can find lots of contemporary lighting designs that work for what you want. In fact, modern lighting fixtures can still bring plenty of drama to your home, with dramatic shapes and quirky designs. You can keep it simple and avoid any fussiness while still having plenty of impact on your home. Try something like an arc floor light, which has a dramatic shape but isn’t too complicated. They can ensure you have eye-catching lighting and create a modern home without standing out over anything else in the room.


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Get Ornate


Not everyone is into very ornate interiors, but if you’re someone who likes to go for drama, you can find plenty of lighting fixtures that you’ll love. Look for ornate lighting fixture designs that will stand out, especially if you’re looking for a more traditional bent for your lighting. Try some fancy wall sconces with some vintage-style bulbs if you want to create something that’s a bit more dramatic. Traditional style doesn’t have to play things down and can be every bit as eye-catching as something more modern. You can play down other parts of your interiors to let your ornate lighting fixtures stand out more.


Try an Industrial Look


Industrial interiors can be an excellent way to make a statement. They have a rough look that can still be made to look expensive while retaining their edge. If you’re into the industrial style, some industrial lighting fixtures could work for you. Try some steel pendant lamps for a stripped-back lighting fixture option that will stand out in any room. They can be good for producing ambient lighting, especially when you mix them with softer lights. Try using some warmer accent lights to balance out the stronger light from the pendant and to soften the harsher parts of your industrial interiors.


Make your home’s lighting more eye-catching with these ideas that will draw the eye and spice up your interiors.

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