Tips For A Stress Free Move

Top Tips For An Easy And Stress-Free House Move

A stressful move can potentially take the fun out of moving into your new home, especially if you are a first-timer. A survey conducted in the US showed that 45% of respondents suggest that home moving is more stressful than divorcing a partner or raising children. As bizarre as this may sound, there are countless ways to reduce the stress and look forward to a new start, fresh opportunities, and perhaps the great feel of having a place to call your own. Are you preparing to move into your new home? Follow these tips for an easy and stress-free experience while moving.

Choose the right removal company

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Booking the date for your move can prove tricky depending on when you intend to move. While most people move during weekends, school, or bank holidays, it is essential to plan. Choosing your removal company might appear the simplest of tasks, but it is vital to get the professionals. Getting the right removal team will ensure your possessions’ safety. To do this, take a look at reviews from previous clients and their quotes. If you have too many belongings to move, you will likely require extra storage, and you can use a pods space calculator to find how much space you need.

Declutter ahead of the move

Getting rid of those old and unwanted items in your home can save time, stress and free up some extra cash for other moving expenses. If you are moving with less stuff, you may require a smaller van and the removal team for a less period. You can donate, auction, or dispose of the stuff you would not need anymore. The simplest way to cut down on transportation costs is to discard items you won’t need before moving. If any item has a resale value, you can trade it for a few hundred dollars rather than just throwing it away. Expenses can build up more quickly when moving, so no amount is too little.

Start early with a packing plan

Packing can take much longer than you expect, which is why it is smarter to begin as early as possible. After removing all the items you no longer have use for, the next step is to start packing. However, the best approach to doing this is to begin with the room you least use. To get so much done in the little time, packing those rooms you barely use can offer space to contain boxes filled with the possessions you will be moving. When labeling boxes, make notes on them for easy identification and prioritizing when unpacking. Also, ensure to avoid overstuffing your packages. Additionally, use small boxes for the heavier stuff and the big ones for the lighter stuff. This way, you don’t risk your parcels breaking out and causing damage to whoever is carrying it.

Prepare a moving day survival kit

Ahead of moving day, prepare yourself a kit stocked with items like toiletries, snacks, water, and a phone charger at least to get you and your family through the first day, and night perhaps. Access to these supplies will ensure you are well-fed and hydrated to get through the busy day unscathed. Preparing moving day survival kits also means you will be readily available to get some good sleep at the close of the day.

Organize your utilities

It is normal to forget the last readings on your meters; however, checking it will make things a lot easier. While you can record notes, taking a photograph instead will prove much safer, as a lot could go wrong when moving. It is practical to inform your utility provider, whether water, gas or electric, etc., to cancel your account provided you are not sticking with them in your new home. Arranging these ahead implies you can account for the last bill you will need to pay if there is any.

Keep valuables with you

Ensure to keep valuables like jewelry and family treasures with you. Even with the best of preparations, moving day can quickly get out of hand, so you don’t have to risk not getting access to some stuff when you need them. If you have your car, keep essential items like paperwork, valuables, and bedding with you.

Set yourself a deadline

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When it comes to unpacking, there is no real timeline, which creates room to procrastinate quickly. You should consider setting yourself a time to host a housewarming party or a casual get-together with a few friends or loved ones after the move. This will give you a timeline to have your new home all set and ready to host and show off to guests. It could be either a week or two, but the most important thing is to have an inspiration to get your new house done. 


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