Spring Decorating Ideas

With Christmas out of the way and New Year preparations well underway, it might not be too soon to start thinking about what you’re going to do for Spring 2021. You may be saying to yourself, “It’s way too soon for that”, but just remember how quickly this Christmas snook up on you.

Well, you don’t need to worry too much, because here are some of the predicted trends for 2021 so you can get a headstart on the season:

  • Wallpapers are making a comeback
  • Neutral colors are out
  • Nature comes home

These ideas can be planned or even tested out now as they require little effort on your part, just the willingness to sit down and start planning.

  1. Wallpapers

Before everyone started painting as a means of expression throughout their homes, wallpapers were everywhere. While they’re not used as much as they used to be, well-placed wallpapers can have a dramatic effect on any room.

These days, wallpaper is rarely seen on all walls and usually highlights a feature wall to create a focal point in the room.

2021 is forecast to see traditional and classic styles make a return which will work amazingly well with most reserved southern homes to which some well-applied wallpaper would just lift the entire room.

Some people struggle when deciding on wallpaper as you will need to choose the correct style, pattern or texture to go with the rest of a room’s decor. If you take the time to click here you could get a head start on some inspired designs.

Wallpaper adds a burst of color in an otherwise plain area, no matter how well you have painted it. By adding wallpaper to not only the walls but the ceiling, half-walls, and even furniture, you can complement any well-chosen colors that you have painted.

  1. Colors

It feels like neutral tones have been around forever now and maybe it’s time for a change. As we shift into 2021 we can expect to see more colors make a return. For the past few years, neutral tones have been used to accent the colors on the feature wall, but since wallpaper could be used on feature walls, the color needs somewhere to go.

There’s no suggestion that we need to blind ourselves with overly bright colors painted across the entire home, rather, more natural and earthy tones could be used to accent the traditional and classic wallpapers of the feature walls.

While it might be fun to splurge your favorite color everywhere, bear in mind that different colors can affect your mood. So, it might be wise to put some real thought into what color you choose for each room, especially the ones you are likely to spend a lot of time in.

It makes no sense to apply high-gloss, bright hues to the living room for example since you are going to want to relax in there rather than bombard your senses.

  1. Nature

The act of bringing nature from the outside to the indoors has been done for thousands of years as a means of decorating the home and feeling closer to the natural world. It shouldn’t just be for the Holidays that we bring a plant inside.

As we yearn to be outside again from the confines of Covid-19 restrictions, 2021 is likely to see more and more people take part in outdoor activities as vaccines are distributed around the world.

And while we can’t be outside all of the time, we can bring nature inside with us. Now, that’s not to say that you should be bringing in any old plant. No, no, no. If you are to stick with the trend then in order to complement those natural and earthy tones then strong green-leaved pot plants such as the Snake Plant, Dracaena or Rubber Tree could be considered.

On top of that, a little color never hurts. Just like your home can act as the backdrop for the color of your garden, bringing flowers inside means that the room they’re in acts as the backdrop for the flowers.

Consider the color of the room and the angle at which the flowers are most likely to be seen. If they are to be seen against the wallpaper feature wall then large, open leaf flowers would work best so as not to get lost in the background pattern. For flowers that will be viewed against a painted wall, smaller patterned flowers would break up the color a little.

Changing even just one of these things can dramatically transform your home for a fresher lighter feel, and with the weight of 2020 starting to fade, new hope for a new year demands a new look.


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