Winter Proof Your Home

The mercury is dropping, which can only mean one thing. Winter is here. OK, so that might sound a bit like Game Of Thrones but it’s definitely time to get your home ready to cosy up in and make Winter Proof your Home. 

Winter Proof Your Home
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Alongside making sure you’ve got all the comfy slippers and blankets sorted, there are a lot of practical things you need to take care of in your home too. 

Fix Any Leaks

With winter, come rain, wind and snow. Any weaknesses in your roof are going to become apparent quickly. Leaks not only cause further damage to your roof but if too much water gets into your home it can destroy your persona; items and furniture. Better to get any repairs done now by a company such as IKO Roofing. Taking care of a small repair now could potentially save you thousands of dollars and an insurance claim. 

Upgrade Your Insulation

Badly insulated homes are almost impossible to keep warm and can cost you a lot of money on your energy bills. Depending on how your home is constructed, there are different types of insulation available. One of the easiest ways to make a huge difference to the warmth of your home is to install insulation in the loft.  

Seal Up Any Drafts

All the insulation in the world isn’t going to help if you have gaps around your window or doors. Seal up any gaps with specialist sealer. This can be done yourself if you have a bit of DIY experience, otherwise, you can get a handyman or contractor in to do it. 

You can also invest in some stylish draft excluders to put down by your internal doors to keep everything nice and snug. 

Clean Out Your Gutters 

Over the year your gutters can get filled with leaves, moss and other debris. When it starts to rain, you could find that they start overflowing. This can cause the guttering to burst and damage your home. 

Clean Any Chimneys 

There’s nothing like a nice cosy fire during the winter months. Curling up in front of it with a nice drink and a good book. If you haven’t had your chimney’s swept in a while, get it done now. A chimney sweep can remove all of the soot, dust, cobwebs, birds nests and any other animals that might have made their way into the chimney. 

It’s always a good idea to check your carbon monoxide and smoke alarms are working too.  You’ll be using your boilers and fires much more in the winter, usually with the windows closed so you need to be alerted straight away if there is a danger. 

Service Your Air Conditioning

If you use your air conditioning system for heating too, it’s going to be working overdrive. Get it serviced before the winter to keep it in tip-top condition. 


A little preparation can go a long way. Taking care of any little problems before they become big ones. Then you can sit back and relax in your lovely, cosy home. 

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