Top 5 Home Decor Podcasts

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Creating a beautiful home involves plenty of different elements, from design to DIY, repairs and cleaning. When you put time and effort into creating a lovely space, you’ll improve your wellness and create a home that you can be proud of. 


1 . Clean With Me 


The Clean With Me podcast is the perfect tool for both entertainment and motivation. As you make your way through those boring household chores, it’s precisely what you need. As you listen to these shows, you’ll stay on task and learn plenty of hacks. For anyone who finds it tough to get all the cleaning done, this is a fantastic podcast. Recent episodes have explored ideas such as ‘ A Mental Block Against Completing Household Tasks’, and ‘How To Speed Clean Your House In 30 Minutes.’


  1. Affordable Interior Design 


The Affordable Interior Design podcast is hosted by Betsy Helmuth, a renowned designer based in New York. It’s her aim to teach people that interior design doesn’t have to be expensive. Betsy wants to show you that you can create a beautiful home no matter what your budget is. Every week Betsy delves into many topics, including ‘building a better bedroom’, ‘making your space your own’, or ‘renovation reality checks’.


  1. The Great Indoors


Tune in and get the latest interior design trends from experts Sophie Robinson and Kate Watson-Symth. These episodes feature plenty of engaging discussions about garden rooms, design diversity, awkward spaces and more. Here you’ll learn all about budgeting, color psychology and achieving the perfect lighting. You might have plenty of interior design ideas up your sleeve or have no clue where to begin, either way, The Great Indoors has got plenty of neat ideas. From furniture painting tips to maximizing space you’ll learn lots about the world of design.


  1. A Slob Comes Clean


In this funny and informative podcast, you’ll get plenty of advice about how to declutter, clean and organize your home. If you’ve ever felt a little bit lazy and unmotivated with your cleaning, Dana K White can give you all the practical advice you could want. Here she tackles themes including, ‘figuring out laundry day’ and ‘decorating without clutter’. Organizing your home can take a little time, but it’s certainly worth it to see the great results.


  1. Fix it 101


Fix it 101 is a great DIY based podcast, dedicated to answering all your home improvement based questions. Whether you need answers about plumbing or electrics, Fix it 101 has got plenty of expertise. Episodes explore topics such as home security systems, chimney checks, and air conditioning tips. Need help getting rid of household pests? Fix it 101 can help. There are plenty of home remedies you can use on pests, yet if these fail, it’s time to view pest services!


Sometimes a little advice and inspiration is just what you need to get started. As you listen to each podcast, it can be useful to write down your favorite tips and hints. Set yourself a few goals to improve your home, this will help you to achieve the results you desire.


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