How To Style a Winter Kitchen

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Whoever said that the kitchen is the heart of the home wasn’t wrong – especially during the holiday season. And, of course, this particular holiday season will be a little different from any other. We are all bound to spend the Christmas holidays indoors and, potentially, with a limited number of people around. All this makes it even more important to turn your home into a winter wonderland you and your family can enjoy during the months ahead. 

And, if you start restyling the kitchen now, you will get it all done in time for the first dinner party. Styling your kitchen for a precise season of the year can also be an excellent way to save up on money and enjoy a fresh-looking environment where you and your whole family can gather. Especially if your kitchen is connected to your living room, it becomes paramount to create a welcoming and cozy environment. Here’s how. 

Fight the Winter Darkness

Unstoppably, the days are getting shorter and shorter, and so the amount of light that makes it through the kitchen can be limited. Indeed, it is not uncommon for kitchens to have only a small window to count on for natural light. 

While it can always be challenging to get your kitchen area to shine, it is not impossible. With the right tips, you can ensure that the colors you have picked for the interiors look at its best and, even more importantly, you have all the light you need to see what you are doing while cooking your Christmas meals!

Add Extra Lighting

It is all about lighting! The colors you have picked for the kitchen decors, natural details, and cabinets won’t look as good without proper lighting. At the same time, a lack of task lights and ceiling lights can cause you not to see properly while in the kitchen. In turn, if you like to cook for a long time or you like to use your kitchen as a second home office, this can translate into eye strain and fatigue.

Of course, you should start by adding lights inside the cabinets. These small light fixtures are easy to install and extremely affordable. However, they can offer you a little extra help when you need to look for the missing ingredient!

Additionally, don’t forget to add lights over the table and just above the countertop. They can help you save up on energy and count on extra lighting as you need it. When setting up these lights, it is crucial to consult a certified electrician to obtain the professional result you have always wanted to have. 

Swap Heavy Drapes for Lighter Curtains and Let In the Natural Light

First off, don’t try to block natural light! While there is never a lot of it during the winter days anyway, it is important to make the right adjustments to let in the one that is effectively there. So, you can start by swapping the heavy drapes that cover the kitchen window for lighter curtains. 

If you live in an area where privacy is not an issue, you might decide to just take the curtains off altogether during the winter months. Unlike in the bedroom, here, there is no risk of the light waking you up in the morning. At the same time, something so simple can help you save on electricity bills and allow you to enjoy the tepid sun for a little longer.

Add Candles

Candles might undoubtedly represent a hazard. However, if used on special occasions, in safer areas, and with supervision, they can help you add that magical touch that hardly anything else can offer. Just make sure they are located away from anything that could cause a fire hazard!

Add Extra Coziness

There is no better season of the year to feel cozy and decide to spend time wrapped up in a throw sipping on a hot chocolate. But of course, creating the right atmosphere for all this is paramount. Start by investing in a few high-quality throws and cushions that anybody can use when invited over.

Adding lighter blankets and throws on the kitchen chairs and stools is the perfect way for your family to enjoy the time after dinner, where cards and board games are finally taken out of the cupboard! If your kitchen is linked to your patio, you might decide to move the party outdoors for a safer gathering, but make sure you have invested in garden heaters, extra blankets, and, as a thoughtful detail, hand-warmers.

Change Up the Colors

A complete kitchen remodeling might be an extremely pricey project that you might rush into once a year. However, if you have gotten tired of the look of your kitchen, you don’t need to surrender to it necessarily. 

There are simple additions and adjustments that can entirely change the look and feel of your kitchen and living room. Changing the color of your kitchen can be extremely simple but can yield amazing results. Here is what to keep in mind.

Embrace the Winter Hues

Whether you have always appreciated hard contrasts and powerful hues, winter colors are a little different. They can help you create a cozy atmosphere, and if used well, they can become timeless. Here are the ones to consider:

  • Greens – your garden might not have a shade of green left now, but this should not stop you from giving your kitchen a natural look. Opt for a dark or olive green for your cabinets, and don’t forget to add details such as ivy or Christmas cactus.
  • Whites – snow is the season’s symbol, so why not bring it indoors?! When opting for whites, make sure they are warmer tones. This is crucial to keep a cozy feeling in your kitchen and your home.  
  • Wood – wood has the power to bring warmth and natural hues into your kitchen; don’t cut back on it! If you can swap the handles and details of your kitchen for wooden models, this is a great way to incorporate this natural element. However, if you can’t, add bowls and other wooden decorations into your kitchen. And, of course, a Christmas tree always works! 

Introduce a Bar Cart

As mentioned, this Christmas will be a little different from the one you have imagined. It is likely that we will all spend time indoors and opt for a staycation rather than long-haul holidays. So, why not turn your kitchen and dining room into that 5-star area that you are dreaming of being in?

It will undoubtedly cost less and allows you to have a space you can be proud of, both in front of your family and friends. And, in all this, you can miss out on a bar cart! Whether you enjoy a drink during weekends or you prefer to sip hot chocolate, a bar cart is the best way to avoid another trip to the kitchen when you are all already wrapped up in blankets!

Create a Winter Table – and Get Ready For A Dinner Party!

Don’t forget about your living room table! After all, this is where all the action happens! Make sure you are decorating it with wooden and green details, candles, and ribbons. This is the most extravagant season of the year, and it gives you the chance to experiment with decor and details. 

Don’t hold back – there is enough time for you to test and refine your DIY skills! This year, for example, you might decide to create a wreath or decorations with leaves and natural details. If DIY is not really your thing, you can still make the most out of the beautiful, seasonal Christmas plant for a beautiful effect!


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