How To Keep Your Kitchen Pest Free

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 If you’re a lover of the kitchen space, you know how annoying it can be to see pests crawling around. You probably have done all you know how to keep the area clean, but roaches and ants won’t give you peace. All hope is not lost; what you need are tips you probably haven’t used before in pest and ant control. Here are some recommended dos and don’ts of getting rid of pests.

Try Prevention First

Prevention works better than cure, and this works every time for each situation. Here are some additional measures you can take to keep pests away:

  • Close all gaps and spaces where pests can find their way into the house
  • Don’t let moisture accumulate around your home, including in the house plants, crawl space, and refrigerator
  • Fix leaking taps
  • Don’t leave unfinished pet food lying around open
  • Keep food in sealed containers
  • Cover your garbage collection cans and put out the trash often
  • Check for pests in packages before bringing them into the house

Familiarize Yourself with the Correct Use of Pesticides

Sometimes, getting rid of pests using pesticides doesn’t yield results because of improper use. After taking preventive measures, you can use chemically-treated baits as the first line of defense against insects.

Traps are usually effective and have a low risk of exposure to chemicals and pesticides. However, ensure you keep them away from the reach of children and pets.

 Several other low-risk pesticides are available for specific pests. You can check with your local extension officer for the most suitable recommendations. 

Read Instructions

Always go through the instructions before using any pesticide. When using baits and traps, please focus on the targeted areas and don’t use them in the whole room. Be sure to use fogging devices only when it’s critically necessary. 

 Whenever possible, avoid using pesticides that require mixing. Ready-made ones have a lower error margin. Most importantly, ensure you only use pesticides approved for home use. Use the recommended quantity as too much of it could be poisonous to your health.

 Dispose of leftover chemicals and containers properly. Read the disposal instructions carefully to avoid accidents.

Declutter Your Kitchen

Understandably, you’re a lover of everything beautiful for your kitchen. This is why you’ve endowed your beautiful pink kitchen with all sorts of appliances and tools. However, if you’re not careful, this could work against you. 

 A cluttered kitchen provides an environment for pests to breed. Too much stuff in the kitchen makes it hard to reach hidden places where roaches and ants hide. Use cabinet organizers to keep things well organized. Compartmentalization works pretty well whether you have many kitchen items or not.

 Wire mesh organizers are ideal for holding cooking tools. Use plate stackers for your chinaware and flatware trays for other utensils. Most importantly, avoid storing utensils in cabinets before they dry completely. Pests thrive in damp areas.  

Final Thoughts

Pest control can be a challenging affair but not entirely impossible. Make it a habit to keep your kitchen spotless and also free from moisture. Be careful about having too many appliances and tools; they make a good home for pests, especially if not used regularly. If you do your best and still can’t get rid of pests, call a professional to help.






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