How To Add Personality To Your Home

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Your home is your sanctuary. It is your place to relax after a long day, where you can truly be yourself and just forget about the stresses of the outside world. Because of this, you want it to be somewhere that feels like an extension of you. You don’t want it to look like a show home, which could be anyone’s house; you want it to be tailored to your tastes and likes. If you are looking to add a bit more personality into your home but don’t quite know where to start, there are many things that you can do. Here are some top ways to add personality to your home


  1. Create a gallery wall of your favorite photos


A gallery wall is brilliant if you have a big space on a wall you want to fill. You can either select several frames that are exactly the same or hunt through thrift stores to find many different photo frames to house your pictures. Once you have collected a number of frames, fill them with pictures that mean something to you. This could be images from a recent vacation, a wedding, or just photos that you really like. Before hanging the pictures on the wall, it is a good idea to pencil in where the frames are going to go so you know if they will all work together. 


  1. Get some plants


There are so many benefits to adding plants to your home that if you don’t have any, it is about time you did so, and if you do already have them, don’t be afraid about buying some more. Plants have been found to improve our mood, can aid with our breathing by purifying the air, and also add to the aesthetic of the space by providing a splash of color. The type of plant that you add to your home is totally up to you, but it is a good idea to consider your environment first. Are you at home a lot to water your plants? Do you get enough light? If you have bought a new plant, we would recommend reading a plant or cactus care guide to ensure they have the best chance of survival and flourishing in your space.


  1. Add in your own knick-knacks


There is a fine balance with your home and accessories. You want things that mean a lot to you and add personality to the room, but you don’t want it to look overly cluttered. Be mindful of the accessories that you choose to display, and don’t overcrowd shelves or windowsills. If you have a bookcase, dot them around sporadically and try to coordinate them together. If you are putting something on display just for the sake of it, see if you can replace it with something more meaningful.


These are just a few ways to add personality to your home. Follow these tips, and soon your home will be a cozy and inviting haven that is packed with subtle nods to you and your tastes.

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