5 Tips to Help You Move

Moving house is exciting, a new adventure for you to take on. But with all the excitement comes a little stress of packing all your stuff up and moving it to your new place. The sooner you start packing and getting a plan together, the easier your move will be. Around two months before, use some of our tips below and get yourself prepared for your new destination. 


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Collect cardboard boxes 

If you know you are going to be moving in the coming months, start collecting as many cardboard boxes as you can get your hands on. Ask your neighbors, friend, and family; the more you can get, the less you will have to spend on buying them nearer the move. Make sure you get different sized boxes, depending on what you are transporting the different sorts of boxes you will need. If you have an alcohol collection, glass bottles are particularly useful. If you run out of time, Amazon sells them next day delivery. 

Contact a removals company 

When budgeting for your move, make sure you have considered the costs of hiring a removals company to help with your move. A movers company can help with storage options, boxes, short or long terms moves, and help pack your things for you. Hiring a removals company can take a massive weight off your back, reducing a little stress from the move. 

Begin packing as soon as you can 

Packing can take a long time! The sooner you start, the less stress it will cause, and the more organized you can be. If there are things you know you won’t be using, start packing those as soon as possible. Then, try and pack more and more stuff as the weeks go by. The more time you give yourself, the easier it will be to buy more boxes if you suddenly realize you don’t have enough. 

Have a clear-out 

Moving house is the best time to clear out any unwanted rubbish you have collected since your last move. Be ruthless and get rid of as much as you can; the more you throw away, the less cluttered your new place may be. If anything is in good condition, you can always take it down to a charity shop or give it away to your friends or family. 

Plan meals to use up the food in your cupboard 

Bringing your frozen food and vegetables with you is a pain and something you want to try and not do, especially if you are moving far away. In the months leading up to your move, try and use up as much food in the house as possible. The more you use, the less you will have to pack and bring with you. Food deliveries can be done within a day or two, so you can always plan to have one delivered to your new place once you have moved. 


I hope the above five tips give you something to think about and help prepare you for your move. Once moved, make sure you check out my interior design section for inspiration on how to decorate your new place. Have you recently moved property? What tips would you give someone before their move? Let me know in the comment box below. 

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