Tips To Update Your Bathroom



Our bathroom is an important room of the house and one we escape to to clean, relax, and perform self care. As such, your bathroom is a room that should feel clean, sleek, and cosy. 

Today we are going to talk about how you can add an air of luxury to your bathroom this winter and create an escape that you’ll never want to leave! 

Upgrade the surfaces 

The first thing you can do to upgrade your bathroom for the winter is replace your old countertops with beautiful quartz bathroom countertops. The countertops in your bathroom can impact the design of the whole room, and installing glimmering ones will add that air of luxury you’ve always wanted in the room. 

Regrout the walls 

Grout between the tiles of your bathroom wall will become discoloured and dull over time, and this once bright white seal will become dull and old. Regrouting your bathroom wall is easier than you think, and once you scrape out the old grout you can simply add the new grout on top. It will only take a few hours and your walls will be refreshed. 

Integrate your appliances 

One simple way to make your bathroom look more modern and sleek is to get rid of the freestanding bath, toilet and sink. Integrating all of your appliances into one set of cupboards will not only be space saving, but it will make the bathroom feel more like a show home. 

Invest in a new shower 

Winter is a time where we long for those long, hot showers after a hard day. Now is the ideal time for you to invest in a brand new shower and make your cleaning experience the best it can be. Consider investing in a waterfall shower this winter to add some class and elegance to your room, and you can also go the extra hog and get a colour changing one! 

Chrome up your radiator 

Chrome is a beautiful feature to have in the bathroom, and it will replace the old plastic and white metal that can create an old fashioned feel. Consider replacing your radiator with a chrome one that will look sleek, stylish, and modern. As well as this you can consider replacing your taps to seal the deal and create a chrome haven in the bathroom. 

Add finishing touches 

There are many ways to create a stunning bathroom this winter, and one of those is to add simple finishing touches to the design. Bringing plants such as an orchid or aloe Vera into the room will elevate your design as well as add a touch of class. You can also add bold coloured towels for a warm and cosy feel, as well as some candles to light when you have a relaxing bath. Enjoy adding some stunning touches to your bathroom because this is a space where you want to be able to relax and enjoy yourself after a hard day. 

There are many ways to decorate your bathroom this winter, so play around and create a beautiful space for relaxation this year. 


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