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It’s that time of year again when bright, blue skies give way to gray, and we look forward to cozy nights in. If you’re looking for inspiration for a mini interior makeover, this guide has some stunning seasonal updates that will have you falling in love with your home all over again. 


Soft furnishings

Soft furnishings offer a simple, affordable means of transforming your home for fall. You can use cushions, throws, rugs and blankets to add texture, create calming, welcoming, cozy spaces and carry colors and themes. Look for materials and fabrics that complement the look you’re hoping to recreate, and don’t be afraid to mix and match. If you love the idea of a boutique hotel style bedroom, for example, opt for decadent, rich fabrics such as velvet and silk. For a minimalist, Scandinavian vibe in the living room, add woolen blankets and faux fur rugs. Soft furnishings can add interest and visual appeal to a space, but they also serve a practical purpose. If you’re snuggled up in a blanket in front of the TV with a roaring fire going, you won’t need to spend much on heating. 


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As the seasons change, we tend to gravitate towards different colors. While crisp, fresh tones are appealing in the spring and summer, many of us prefer to add warmth in the colder months. The colors we use to decorate our homes have an impact on the aesthetic of the room, but they also affect our moods and the ambiance of the space. Keep that in mind when choosing a new colorway for your living room or carrying out a seasonal revamp in the kitchen. Soothing tones are ideally suited to bedrooms and bathrooms, while bolder shades can work brilliantly in living and dining rooms. In the fall, when golden hues and shades of red, orange and purple are popular, you can opt for warm neutrals like mocha and beige for the bedroom and tones of burgundy, burnt orange, plum or caramel for living areas. Golden accents in kitchens and living rooms add a touch of opulence, and they’re also a fabulous touch if you’re channeling vintage trends or Art Deco styling. If you prefer a minimal look, or you have small rooms, you can keep the walls light and bright and add color with accessories. This will enable you to experiment with fall/winter trends while also maximizing light and space. If your walls are white or cream, for example, you can use colored or printed cushions, rugs, vases, plant pots, wall art and frames and lamps to carry a theme or inject splashes of color.


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Focal points

In the fall, there is nothing more appealing than getting cozy by the fire or climbing into bed at the end of a long day when the rain is bouncing down outside the windows. Creating a new focal point in each room is an excellent way to update the look of the room without changing the whole aesthetic. When it’s warm outside, and it’s light until bedtime, we want to make the most of bright, hazy days, and we tend to angle our sofas towards the windows, open blinds wide in the bedroom and maximize natural light. When it’s cold and dark outside, you can alter the look and the feel of the room by swapping the focal point. Instead of drawing the eyes to the windows and the open views or the garden, for example, make your bed the focal point in your bedroom and the fireplace or a comfy couch the star attraction in your living room. 


There are all kinds of designs and styles you can choose from if you don’t already have a fire, or you’re planning to update an existing fireplace. From ultra-modern glass fires that are perfect for contemporary living areas to rustic wood-burning stoves for traditional homes, there is something for everyone. In the bedroom, you can make your bed stand out by buying colored or patterned bed linen, cushions and throws, changing your bed frame or swapping the headboard. If you’re a creative person, and you enjoy taking on DIY projects, you could embrace the upcycling trend and design a unique headboard for your bed. There are some fantastic tutorials online, and you can make anything from an opulent, Art Deco-style scalloped velvet headboard to a quirky, country-style stable door. Upcycling is a brilliant way to make the most of furniture you already have and to prolong the lifespan of pieces you love that have seen better days. 


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As winter draws closer, many of us will be reaching for the light switch long before it’s time to hit the hay. To make your home cozy and induce calmness and serenity, it’s a great idea to swap bright lights for ambient, soothing lighting in the fall. Rather than relying on spot or strip lights or turning the main light on in the living room or bedroom, opt for soft lighting. You can use table or bedside lamps, standing lamps or wall-mounted lights to add a warm glow to the room. You can also add a touch of romance with candles and string lights. The range of lighting styles is vast, and you can choose from vintage, retro, contemporary or minimalist lamps and lights to suit the theme and look of the room. If you’re short on space, or you have low ceilings, it’s best to avoid low-hanging pendant lights. Lamps illuminate the room, but they’re also an excellent addition if you’re looking to add color or to change the style using prints or patterns. 


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Fall is a fabulous time of year to introduce new interior trends and experiment with different colors and textures. If you’re looking for simple, affordable ways to update your home this fall, why not consider changing the colorway, adding soft furnishings, creating ambiance with soft lighting and altering the focal point in your living room and bedroom? Warmer tones, low-level lighting and snuggly, cozy fabrics are ideally suited to cold, dark nights and lazy weekends.   

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