Tips for Working From Home!

Working from home is easier for some than others. However, a lot of people have had to do it recently due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some have enjoyed it, others have struggled. However most seem to enjoy the flexibility it offers. Even so, moving from the office to your own home isn’t an easy move. It’s one in which productivity could wane. If you want to carry on working from home when the pandemic is over, you need to work to the same standards, or preferably better standards than when you were in the office. Some people might be working from the bedroom, others from a study or maybe even the kitchen table. People are all different and respond to certain stimuli when working from home. This means there may be some trial and error in place before you can really hit the ground running and be extremely productive. What works for one may completely not work for another. It’s just the way it goes. Some people might struggle with loneliness, others with more practical items. The point is that you need to apply any advice to your own situation. Don’t use the blanket approach because it might not work for you.

Fresh Air Can Do Wonders
No doubt when you were in the office there was some kind of air conditioning system. This keeps you cool, but in a lot of cases it will also keep the air clean. Air purity is important and it can certainly help you feel better and as such more productive. There are dozens of different purifiers if you were so inclined. Molekule for example uses PECO technology to increase the quality of the air, find out more at Molekule Wikipedia. If you live next to a road, or next to an industrial area looking into how you can improve air quality might change the way you feel and just make everything a bit fresher and easier.



In the office you may not be allowed to have clutter around your workstation. At home, it’s different. There’s no one there to tell you to keep things tidy (unless you live with your parents!). If things are cleaner and easier to manage, you’ll find that working and productivity will increase. You could be looking for a certain slip of paper for a while before you find it, whereas if you had a clean work area finding those vital bits of information quickly could just become a lot more easier. This doesn’t have to apply to the whole house, just to the area in which you are working. You might be one of those people who can work in an organised mess, but try and clean up a little and see if things make a difference for you. If the room is used for something else, which someone else uses, you might get to the point where you’ll need to speak to them and ask them to respect your workplace. 

Good Office Chair

Getting the chair right is vital. If you’ve been mandated to work from home you might find that your company might provide you with a good office chair. If not though, you need to buy one yourself. It’s no good buying one which is flimsy or weak. You need one to properly support your back so that you don’t get pains. It should be a swivel chair. Especially if you’re swiveling around to use different keyboards or reading from varying sources. If you’ve got a non-swivel chair this can become quite uncomfortable, because you’re always turning around and it can give you a bad back or neck. A good office chair is a must. If you’re comfortable your productivity will shoot through the roof. If you’ve got a bad neck, make sure you invest in a neck rest too which would be attached to your chair. Leg pain? See about getting a foot stool to support your legs. There are always solutions to pains like these. You can get braces for repetitive strain injury too, which usually happens if your hand is in the same position clicking a mouse for a long period of time.

Power Up The WiFI

There’s nothing worse than bad wifi. Bad WiFi can ruin your productivity simply because you won’t be able to do work as fast. This is especially the case if you’re working in the cloud on video editing or on huge files that take a while to download. You need to boost your WIFI. First, double check if there is anything interfering with the signal. Then you need to consider looking for a booster. A booster can push your WiFi to other areas of the house which normally get less of a signal. If that doesn’t seem to be working for you then you can consider using an ethernet cable. The cable will be able to give you a wired connection to the internet instead of simply a wireless one, making it more reliable and secure. Doing this is always a good bet to increase your download speed or just to make things a little faster. If this doesn’t work, then you might need to pay for faster internet. Perhaps your office can do this for you if there’s the means available. If you’re already on the fastest tarif available then you need to consider calling your provider and asking what the problem is. So many of them cap wifi speeds. Speaking to them you may be able to get to the bottom of the problem and increase your signal, if it’s unsatisfactory, consider changing to a new wifi provider.

Take Breaks

It isn’t always nice being stuck, cooped up in the house in front of a screen. At the office, you’ve got people to talk to to break up the monotony of constant work. You may not have that at home unless your significant other works there too. So, instead you need to take breaks. Watch TV for twenty minutes. Better still, get out and about. Go for a walk. Do some shopping. Anything to break up the day and do something different. You might want to go out for a run instead to burn off some steam. Taking breaks will no doubt increase your productivity. Getting that space away from your work space will allow you to come back with a fresh mind and tackle problems from different angles. A new perspective on something is often all you need to make something a bit better and easier to get into. If you want to take your break inside, make sure you take it away from your work area at least. This applies to when you’re eating food too. You need that distance to ensure productivity isn’t altered. Your manager should support this too so if they don’t it might be time to have a serious conversation with them about the hours you’re starting to put in from home.

Make Sure People Respect Your Work

A lot of people will assume because you’re home you can do things around the house. It doesn’t work like that. They have to treat it as if you’re in the office. You need to protect your space. Make sure people don’t bother you. This applies if you have a family at home, or maybe children. Keep the distance otherwise you’ll constantly be interrupted. Interruptions cost you time because it means you need to refamiliarise yourself with what’s going on before getting stuck back in. Just make sure the line is respected and that you’re left in peace to do the work that you need to do. It’ll make for a far less stressful environment. Pets are another example which can be slightly harder to work around, especially if they’re not used to you being around. 

Focus On Your Mental Health

It’s incredibly important to focus on your mental health. When you’re alone all day, working from home, it’s easy for it to take a hit. Don’t let it get to that stage by doing what you enjoy to do. This could mean ensuring that you take the right breaks, that you get that vital human contact that you’re missing and that you don’t get bogged down in work. It’s so easy to put overtime in when you’re working from home because you don’t necessarily clock watch, which is something you do when you’re in the office. The boundaries between the two become blurred meaning it’s a bit harder for you to switch off. You need to make sure that you don’t work where you relax. Try not to work from bed or the living room. Or you’ll end up associating these places with work and not relaxation which will unfortunately mess with your mind. You need to put your mental health to the forefront and ensure you don’t start spiralling. If you’re really struggling then it might just be time to speak to a healthcare professional like your doctor. Remember, it’s not you, it’s an illness that can be addressed.

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