Amazing Mocktail Recipes!

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If you’re planning a alcohol-free event or you simply want to have maximum fun without a hangover, take a look at these spectacular mocktail recipes now…

Virgin Pina Colada

A classic cocktail and now a beloved mocktail. You can enjoy all the tropical taste of a pina colada without being drunk when you prepare this superb mocktail. Simply blend a cup of ice cream, a cup of coconut milk ( full or low fat is fine depending on preference), and ½ cup of pineapple juice with 10oz of pineapple chunks to make two servings. Add chunks or slices of fresh fruit to the rim of the glass for the perfect garnish.

Watermelon Lemonade

Cocktails don’t get more refreshing than this. To make six servings, start by blending around 6 cups of seedless watermelon and putting it through a strainer to ensure it’s smooth. Whisk four cups of water, ¾ cup of lemon juice, and ​2⁄3 cup of granulated sugar. Once the sugar has dissolved, add the watermelon juice, along with ice and mint.

Raspberry Sherbet Party Punch

If you have a sweet tooth, this could be the perfect beverage for you! For around 20 services, combine 2 liters of Club Soda, 2 liters of Sprite or 7-Up, a can of pineapple juice, and a can of Fruit Punch. Immediately before serving, add 6-8 scoops of raspberry sherbet ice cream to the punch bowl. Add raspberries and pineapple slices on top, along with sherbet, for the ultimate garnish.

Mock Champagne

Want to have a toast but avoid alcohol? No problem! This easy mock champagne recipe looks and tastes fantastic and it couldn’t be easier to make. Combine 2 liters of ginger ale with a 46oz can of pineapple juice and a 64oz bottle of white grape juice and serve. Pop a fresh raspberry in each glass and pour your faux bubbly over the top.

Virgin Sangria

Sangria is always a popular refreshment but now you can enjoy all of the flavor without any of the alcohol. For eight servings, pour 2 cups of boiling water over 2 black tea bags and 2 cinnamon sticks. Allow the tea to steep for around 5 minutes before discarding the tea bags. Stir in ½ cup of sugar until it’s fully dissolved.

Combine with 3 cups of pomegranate juice, 1 cup of fresh orange juice, 1 medium apple, 1 medium orange, 1 medium lemon, and 1 medium lime (all sliced). Cover and chill in a refrigerator for at least two hours. Immediately before serving, add 3 cups of carbonated water and you’re good to go. Serve over ice for the perfect Sangria mocktail.

When to Serve Mocktails?

People avoid alcohol for many reasons, so it’s always handy to have a great mocktail recipe on hand when you’re hosting an event. Full of flavor and enhanced with a sublime garnish; they’re the ideal drink for every occasion. What’s more – they’re suitable for people of all ages, so don’t forget to include youngsters when you’re calculating how many servings you’ll need!


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