6 Ways To Create a Cozy Home

Creating a healthy home is essential to keep you and your family in optimum health. When we think about improving our health, we often look to change our diets, decide to commit to an earlier night, and sign up for a fitness class. While all of these things are essential for becoming the best, healthiest version of ourselves, we tend to miss out on one crucial element that affects us daily – our homes! Whether working from home, sleeping, eating or sharing quality time with the family. Your homes’ health can affect you. 


From the air in your home to potential germs lying around in parts of the house that often get overlooked, there are plenty of opportunities to step up your home’s health. And create a cleaner, safer, happier space to live that will positively impact your wellbeing. For tips on how to get started, below are six ways you can start creating a healthier and happier environment at home.

Purify The Air

In our homes, a lot is happening to the particles in the air. From atoms emitted from electronic devices. To vapourised food particles from cooking in the kitchen. And of course, perhaps the most unpleasant of all has to be the smells and bacteria that rest in the air in the home’s toilet and bathroom areas.


It’s expected the air will become used and stuffy over time, but leaving it that way can cause problems to your health. To prevent breathing in unhealthy air, why not invest in an air purifier? 

For instance, you can find air purifiers which are specifically designed for domestic use and has gained an excellent reputation for keeping the air in homes across the world pure. Investing in one device that can impact your home’s air supply 24/7 is essential if you want to promote a cleaner, fresher, healthier atmosphere for all.  You can find out more by checking out Molekule on Twitter

Personal Hygiene

While we will never be able to discard every ounce of bacteria in our homes, we can, of course, reduce the amount by practising excellent personal hygiene. 

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One of the most simple, and effective ways to do this is by regularly and thoroughly washing yours and more so little one’s hands. In doing so, it will have a massive impact on your home’s cleanliness. Helping you to prevent the transmission of viruses and sick bugs that can cause people in your home to fall ill. 

After all, according to Tri Living Well, 80% of germs that cause illnesses are transferred by our hands!

Having a luxury hand wash at the ready and plush towels for drying can undoubtedly help stimulate more handwashing. For children, a cartoon-style hand wash will be much more attractive for them to use. 

Also, when we mention stepping-up your handwashing, obviously washing after you go to the toilet and before you cook and eat is a given. But there are other occasions where we don’t habitually clean our hands. Such as when we enter our homes after being at work all day. Or returning home after an epic dinner party. By incorporating more handwashing into your routine, you can make a world of difference to your home’s health.

Cupboards Full Of Healthy Food  

Our home has a significant impact on the choices we make every day. One of those is the food we eat. If our cupboards and fridges are full of red meat, dairy, white bread, and butter, you’ll likely keep making dishes that aren’t particularly great for your health.

And so, as a solution, on your next shopping trip, why not choose healthy food for clean eating and resist adding junk food to the trolley. In doing so, when you’re at home and feeling peckish, you’ll go for a banana over the usual chocolate muffins you used to stock. You’ll pour a glass of filtered water, as opposed to reaching for a can of coke. And you’ll whip up some sweet potato mash and spicy chicken, opposed to heating a ready meal in the microwave.

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The food you choose to put in your kitchen determines a lot about your health. If you want more energy and a better mood, only select healthy food for your home.

Remove Clutter 

Clutter consists of that stack of magazines on the dining table, which has sat there for a while and has not been used. It’s also those old clothes and shoes in your bedroom room taking up valuable space in your wardrobe. Not to mention the masses of old Christmas and Halloween decorations you have stored away that you don’t intend using this year or next. 

Clutter is bothersome for two reasons. It causes stress for you, which is terrible for your health. And too much clutter presents dark hiding spaces for dust bunnies and pests!

In terms of spiking stress, clutter is a distraction that pulls your concentration away from meaningful tasks, such as the blog you’re setting up. 

In other cases, it causes a different form of stress, such as guilt. Guilt for not wanting to display those ornaments your uncle gave you, so instead, you keep them stuffed in a drawer. Or guilt when you see the stack of knitting gear you bought intending to create a blanket – but never got around to it.

To unwind your stress levels, and maintain a peaceful, happier, and healthier environment, one of three things must happen. You need to either use the clutter, gift it away, or put it in the bin. 

Clutter is an ever-increasing burden; keeping on top of it, therefore, takes consistent work. This means you shouldn’t expect one house clutter cull to get rid of everything that bothers your well-being and causes pests’ homes. Multiple decluttering episodes are necessary throughout the year.

Green Cleaning Products

It’s often quick and easy to stick to the products we know, and sometimes even love. But, many cleaning products from the supermarket contain harsh chemicals, which are damaging to your skin, and your lungs. 


While we should always take the necessary precautions to keep our health safe while cleaning, it’s quite difficult not to breathe in the fumes when you’re crouching over the toilet and scrubbing the bowl. As a healthier alternative for the health of your home, you may want to consider using natural cleaning remedies instead.


It’s a misconception that bleach and chemicals are necessary to disinfect and eliminate bacteria in your home. There are a range of natural products that work just as well. 


For instance, vinegar, both white and distilled has multiple cleaning purposes around the home, which won’t emit damaging fumes into the air. Vinegar is perfect for deodorizing kitchen appliances and getting rid of limescale. Plus, it works well when mixed with other natural cleaning remedies like bicarbonate soda to clean and unblock the plug holes. 


Picture by Elle Hughes from Pexels – CC0 Licence


Other natural cleaning products that can promote a healthier environment in your home include lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide! If you want inspiration on how to create homemade cleaning products, GoodHousekeeping has some great ideas for you to use.


Also, some companies create and sell cleaning products from natural, non-toxic solutions such as Grove Collaborative. 

Homes Built Before 1978 

Many older homes have multiple positives, pleasant distinctive architecture being one of them, sturdy structure, and usually much more space than new builds. But they also have potential risks that impact the health of your home.


The risk with older homes before 1978 is they may include interior that’s harmful to your health. At the time, little was known about a particular paint or insulations’ implications for a person’s health. As scientific research on homes interior advanced, materials such as asbestos and lead paint were found to have a devastating impact on people’s health.


To increase the health of your home, it’s advised you refrain from remodeling an older home until you have had any old interior inspected. Moreover, if you have asbestos or lead paint present, hire an expert who can safely remove and dispose of these materials for you. 


Once the issue is solved by a professional, you can live in your home, knowing it’s much safer and healthier. 


The tips and tricks above for maintaining a healthier home identify multiple homes that can benefit from being changed in most homes. For example, the air quality in the house, the cleanliness, the food you choose to buy and store all impact the health of your household. 


Moreover, clutter clouds the mind and cleaning products that can tarnish your health and the air in your home. 


Thankfully, there are solutions to all of these problems. And by making a few investments such as purchasing a Molekule air purifier, opting for green cleaning products and stocking healthy food, you can begin adapting your home for the better with ease.


With your home’s health underway, you’ll gradually notice a difference in your health and wellbeing too. 


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