How To Raise Money For A Travel Adventure

It would be a shame to quench your wanderlust because of a lack of funds, so don’t lay your  travel dreams to rest. There are lots of ways to raise the money you need, and we are going to list a few of them here. 

Sell your stuff

Your home could be a proverbial goldmine, as there could be all kinds of money-makers sitting right under your nose. Heck, you might be sitting on a potential treasure chest right now! Your unwanted furniture, appliances, books, games, clothes, and assorted bric a brac could pay for your flight abroad, so look online for places to sell them. Be sure to value them first, however, as you want to get more bang for your buck. 

If you’re sending anything to buyers, research shipping costs first, as you don’t want to lose money when selling. Use the tools at Shipley when you want to ship furniture etc., as the movers on their platform should quote you cheaper rates.

Start a side hustle

Okay, so you will have to put the work in, but think of the benefits. When you have earned yourself a tidy sum of money, you will get the opportunity to rest and relax when you’re out on your travel adventure. You might have the cash to do more while you’re away too!

When it comes to side hustles, you should always choose something you will enjoy, as it will feel less like a chore. There are some ideas here, so take a look and find your niche within the options we presented. 

Hold a fundraiser

Why shouldn’t people fund your trip away? If you can promise them newsletters and blog posts about your journey, they might be interested in supporting you. And if you can make the effort to do something charitable while away, you might encourage more people to fund your travels. 

So, hold an event, be it at your home with a meal for your friends (perhaps with foods from your chosen destination) or at a larger venue with a games night or similar. Charge a small fee for attendance, and make more money by letting people know how much you need for your travels. 

Pitch to the media

Look for those newspapers, magazine, and websites that have an interest in travel and world affairs, and get in touch with them. If you promise to feedback to them with photos, articles, and videos that are of interest to their readers or viewers, they might be willing to fund you. 

Of course, you will have to send them something interesting – selfie shots of you outside the Taj Mahal probably won’t suffice – so pitch them content ideas that are going to appeal to them. It might be a photo piece of local foods for a trave/food blog, for example, or something topical that will appeal to news media. There is some advice here on writing a travel pitch

So, don’t give up your travel dreams. If you need to raise funds, consider our suggestions. Then look online for other ideas. The world is your oyster so go and explore!

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