Essential Guide To De-Cluttering Your Home

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Every house could do with a decluttering now and then. Without realizing it, you can quickly gain lots of items and things that take up space in your house. This leaves your home a mess, so something has to be done about it. Decluttering is a thankless task, but you can make it a lot less stressful with the following tips:


Make it part of your regular maintenance routine

Decluttering is often hard because we do it infrequently. One way to address this is by making it part of your regular maintenance routine. The next time you do some summer home maintenance, add decluttering to the agenda. Doing it frequently throughout the year stops clutter from forming and will make it much easier to keep your house in order. 

Organize your clutter into categories

The second step is to bring some structure to the decluttering process. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of clutter you have. Also, it’s hard to decide what needs to stay or go. So, create three categories:


  • Keep
  • Chuck
  • Not sure yet


It’s pretty obvious what happens next! You keep the items that are most valuable to you, and you throw out things that you don’t need. Anything else goes into the third category, ready to be reviewed when everything else has been sorted. After throwing out a lot of things, you will soon realize most of the ‘not sure yet’ pile can also be chucked. This stage helps you reduce the overall clutter, which makes it easier to deal with what’s left over. 


Get a skip bin

You will end up with a lot of rubbish as you clear out your house. You could put it all into bags, load it into your car, and take it to the local garbage center. However, this takes a lot of time, and you end up making multiple trips with smelly bags in your car. Instead, it’s far more convenient to hire waste skip bins and load everything into them. When you’ve finished, the skip bin gets taken away for you. You do less work yet see the same results – perfect. 


Put your clutter into boxes

At this point, you have dealt with the clutter that’s getting chucked out. So, what happens to everything you’re keeping? For me, the best approach is to put it all into boxes. This keeps things more organized as you can label boxes depending on what’s inside. Also, instead of having 100 pieces of clutter, you now have one or two boxes. As such, it’s far easier to find a home for your clutter and keep your home tidy. They can fit in the bottom of a closet, be put up in the loft, or stuck in your garage. Either way, you now know where your valuable items are, and they aren’t scattered all over your home. 


After these four steps, you’ve completed the job! Your home will instantly feel less cluttered and more spacious. What’s more, you’ve dealt with decluttering in the least stressful way possible. See how easy it can be? Hopefully, this encourages you to declutter frequently and prevent junk hoarding. 


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