Entertaining Guests On A Budget

Times are tough for most people at the moment. Either emotionally or financially, or both, everyone is finding this year of 2020 a rough ride! With social unrest, COVID-19, economically precarious situations around the world and so much more, we need friends and family around more than ever. COVID-19 has left many Americans in debt and struggling to cope. If you have found yourself in this situation, Learn more at www.DTSS.us debt relief.

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Particularly if you spent many months separated from your loved ones due to a quarantine, you will appreciate their presence more than ever now. But what happens when you want to have friends and family over, but money is tight? You want to give people a warm welcome, but you find that your budget is too low to pull out all the stops. Well, here are a few different ways to entertain guests on a budget!

The Beauty Of Potluck

Throwing a potluck dinner is a super 90s trend – but why not bring it back into the mainstream? If you ever threw these kinds of events in college, you’ll know that these can be super fun ways to get together without breaking the bank. A potluck dinner, if you didn’t know, is a community-style dinner where every guest brings a dish or drink so that the cost of the dinner is shared equally.

Not only will this help your budget, but it is really fun too. You can get to know your friends’ favorite recipes, swap advice, and enjoy each other’s cooking.

Choose Your Recipes Wisely

Certain meals and appetizers cost a lot more than others – and it doesn’t  always have to do with quality. For example, vegetarian curries and stews which are absolutely delicious, warming and easy to cook, cost very little compared to steaks or fish. In addition, they are usually very healthy, and are easy to cook for a larger group.

Different cuisines from around the world are so fun to try out, and can be surprisingly cost-effective. You will learn something new, eat delicious food, and find yourself comfortably within budget too!

If you wish to serve alcohol at your get-together, perhaps see if a few friends can bring a bottle each. Not only is this polite, but it will help share the load – alcohol is usually one of the most expensive outgoings when entertaining!

Don’t Over-Promise

If you are struggling financially, be honest. If you can’t afford to throw a dinner party for ten people, make sure you don’t over-promise in order to project an image of capability. You don’t want to end up forking out more money than you have, just to impress people.

In all likelihood, your good friends and family will respond with empathy to your situation. Reaching out and being honest with the people in your life is a great habit to get into; the ones who really care will help you out, rather than judge.


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