Quick Updates for Your Bedroom

Is the time right for you to start thinking about how your bedroom functions and how it might be improved? If you’re thinking about redecorating and redesigning your bedroom, you’re in the right place. And the same applies if you’re moving into a new home and you want to put a stamp on your bedroom and make it feel truly yours.


There are lots of things that you really need to get right when the time comes for you to create a bedroom that you can enjoy day after day. If you’re not sure where to get started or which things you need to get right when decorating and designing your bedroom, we’re going to clear that up for you and deliver some tips that’ll help you create a bedroom you can be proud of.


Below is a guide that covers all the most important things you’ll need to get right, how they matter and how you might want to approach them. So read on now to learn more about all this.


Subtle Colors


The bedroom is a place for relaxation, you don’t want it to feel overwhelming. One way in which you can achieve that kind of atmosphere is to choose a color palette that’s relatively subtle. Pastel colors often work well in a bedroom. But whatever colors you choose, they shouldn’t be too over the top or in your face because that just makes it hard to take it easy and feel at peace in your bedroom because that’s the last thing you want when you’re trying to take it easy.




Choosing a range of textures that each deliver something unique to your bedroom is a good idea. When you have different textures, it adds depth to the space. Of course, you’ll have different textures on your bed, but this applies to your walls and floor as well. Layering textures is something that you can experiment with until you find the balance that you feel works best for you. There’s definitely not a right or wrong way of going about this and getting it right.


Layered Lighting Options


There should always be various light options and sources in your bedroom. As well as the main overhead light, you should also think about a lamp on your bedside table or an overhanging floor lamp. This will make it possible for you to read a book in bed during the evening and things like that. And dimmer switches are a great idea too because it’s good to be able to adjust the light and bring it a little lower during the evening. In the daytime, it’s good to have plenty of natural light coming into the room.


Movement Around the Space


The way in which you’re able to move around the space is another thing you should consider when decorating and designing your bedroom. It should be easy to navigate the space and to find your way around it. Make a series of clear pathways through the space and ensure it’s intuitive and obvious where you can walk and that there’s space to make that possible. This might sound obvious but it’s an element of room design that often gets overlooked.


Comfort, Comfort, Comfort


There are few things that matter more than comfort when it comes to creating a bedroom. After all, this is going to be the space you retreat to after a long day and the place you go to when you simply want to relax. Consequently, you want it to be comfortable. Using pillows, throws, blankets and duvets, and combining them in the right ways, will make your bedroom feel much more comfortable. And this is something that you’ll need to change and adapt depending on the time of year.


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Artwork on the Wall Behind Your Bed


The design of your room should include some sort of artwork or photography that brings life and color to the space. One method that many people use when they’re looking to create stunning bedroom designs is using artwork as a headboard. That’s when the art or a tapestry or something of that nature is placed behind the bed. It creates a nice effect and frames the bed in a pleasant and aesthetically pleasing way as well. It’s definitely something you should try in your bedroom.


Furniture That Offers Good Storage Solutions


If you’re looking for new furniture, you should always make sure that it offers some sort of storage. You can easily find cheap bedroom sets that incorporate storage features very well these days, and that’s the kind of thing you should be looking for. The more storage options you have open to you in your home, the better your home will function and the less cluttered it will become, and this certainly applies to your bedroom as well. Always look for good storage features when buying new items.


Beautifully Dressed Windows


How you dress the windows in your bedroom will also have a big impact on how the space looks, especially in terms of how bright it is during the day. Having a two-layered approach to your window dressings works well. You can have light, white curtains that let light through even when they’re closed, and then some thicker curtains that you can close when the sun goes down. Make the right choices and layer them well and you’ll have beautifully dressed windows.


Find a Style That Suits Your Personality


Finding the right style for your bedroom means thinking about your own personality and how the style might match that personality in some way. After all, this is going to be your own private space so it’s only right that it should reflect your personality in some way, big or small. If the style doesn’t work for you, then it’s the wrong style. Don’t blindly follow guides and styles if you don’t feel that they really mesh with your personality very well. It’s your space and your style should be stamped on it.


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Keeping things in proportion is one of the challenges you’ll need to overcome when creating a new design for your bedroom. If you think that the room is overwhelmed by certain items and you don’t have enough space left over for other elements, that’s one sign that the home is somewhat out of proportion and that’s obviously not what you want at all. Keep things in proportion as much as possible in order to achieve a great design for your bedroom. When everything’s in proportion, it’ll simply feel right.


The Right Flooring


The right flooring is vital and it’s another one of the things that can be overlooked or underestimated when creating a new design for your bedroom. If you’re torn between choosing a wood flooring and something that’s a little more comfortable underfoot, you could always add a rug that brings that extra comfort. It’s about balancing aesthetic concerns with the level of comfort you want the room to deliver. It’s something only you can decide on based on your own needs and preferences for the room.


Natural Elements


Bringing some natural elements into the space might be a good idea as well. You can add some houseplant or mayne fresh flowers if you want to make the room a little more colorful as well. Opening the room up onto the outdoors can be a good idea, but that’s difficult unless you have a balcony or your bedroom is located on the ground floor of the home. Nevertheless, think about how these elements might be found and incorporated into the overall design of the bedroom.


A Corner to Sit


There should always be a corner of your room that’s dedicated to simply sitting down and relaxing. Your home in general should be able to offer comfort and relaxation, but having that one private space that you can retreat to and really take it easy will make a big difference. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated or difficult. It simply needs to be a space where you can take things easy and not worry about anything else that’s going on around you. It can be a quiet space to read, meditate or simply enjoy the view out of the window.


A Lack of Technology


One great rule to follow when you’re decorating and designing a new bedroom is to not include technology, or at least not much of it. We’re all overwhelmed by tech and gadgets these days. And making your bedroom at least one room in your home where tech hasn’t taken over can make a big difference. The bedroom is for relaxing so don’t let the distraction of technology prevent you from doing that.


Everyone deserves a bedroom that’s relaxing, comfortable and able to offer them all the things they need it to offer. If you’re about to begin the process of redecorating and designing your bedroom, the things we’ve discussed above should help you to make sure you get the process right.

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