Add a Grand Entrance to your Home!


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A beautiful home to pull up to after a hard day’s work, invite your friends over to, or to relax on the porch of, is essential for your well-being. 


We’re profoundly affected by our surroundings. You can’t deny that when you see homes that look gorgeous, with a lush green lawn, flowing hanging baskets filled with petunias, and a bright lit up the pathway, that it’s appealing. It can make you feel like saying, “I want that.”


However, before you pack up your bags and list your home for sale to find that home with a beautiful entrance. Wait! There are multiple things you can do with your existing home to maximize its external beauty and potential. Not to mention, it’s a lot cheaper than moving elsewhere.


To make a grand entrance to your home, that you adore, here are some tips to follow;

Replace The Roof

A filthy, worn, outdated roof dramatically pulls down the appeal of your home. And so, if it’s time for a replacement, source a company, like Avidus Roofing, to take care of your needs. And purchase a durable roof that’s in keeping with the style of your home. 


A new roof is a prime investment for those wishing to upgrade their home to make it last for the long term. Moreover, while we’re still in the warmer months, now is the best time to do it before winter hits. 

Revive The driveway

A driveway riddled with weeds, bits of rubbish, leaves, and debris, brings down your home’s look. If you want a grand entrance that makes you feel proud to come home, you have a few options. You can;


  • Work with the driveway you have; if the driveway is still in good shape but requires some maintenance, such as a bottle of weed killer, and perhaps a good clean with a jetwash to bring it back to life. This is the best and most affordable option.
  • Change the driveway; alternatively, if the driveway has cracks and potholes, you may want to replace it. There are various durable and attractive driveway materials to choose from, such as concrete, tarmac, block paving stones, cobblestones, or gravel. For inspiration, please take a look at neighboring homes and see what they have used. In doing so, you will gain a better idea of what driveway material you think will help create the grand entrance you desire.

Overhaul The Front Door

Nothing compliments a grand entrance better than a distinctive front door. On the other hand, peeling paint, cracked wood, and a worn door handle can tarnish the appearance of your entryway. As with your driveway, there are options for your door to suit all budgets. 


You can either sand and paint your door with a new color and change the hardware yourself. Or replace the door completely! If you’re hoping to choose a new color door, test out samples to ensure it works with the exterior of your home. 


Also, neighborhoods usually have a particular theme of door colors relative to the home’s architectural design and the look and theme of the area. Keep this in mind to prevent your front door from sticking out like a sore thumb in your area. 


As an additional tip, think about dressing your door with a hydrangea wreath, they’re not just for Christmas, and they add a homely touch to your entrance.

Create A Grand Pathway

The winding path that leads up to your front door has a vital role in building the grand entrance of your dreams.


To create a beautiful pathway, sweep up off debris, and gently scrub the paving stones in a circular motion with soapy water. However, be careful not to get the solution on any nearby greenery as soapy water can cause plants and shrubs to wilt and die. Once scrubbed, leave for an hour or so, and then rinse off with clean water. As a result, a cleaner, revived pathway should emerge. 

Picture by Adriano Calvo from Pexels – CC0 Licence


Moreover, to define the path, edge the sides, and add shrubs or pretty plants on either side of the pathway.


An extra tip for sprucing up your walkway is to plant solar lights into the soil alongside the path.


We often spend more time perfecting the inside of our homes, leaving the exterior to become neglected and in need of some much-needed maintenance. 


To eradicate this problem and highlight your home’s external potential. Feel free to make use of the tips above to create a grand entrance. One which will make you and your family feel proud of.


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