Prepare Your Home For Summer

Summer is upon us and it’s a great time to start thinking about how your home might be adapted and prepared for the weeks and months ahead of us. The world’s attention has been on more serious matters for the last few months, so maybe preparing your home for the summer is not something you’ve been giving much thought to. Now is the time to change all that.


There are lots of little adaptations you can make and things you can do to make your home 100% ready for summer. Not only is this about taking the care of the functional things that matter a lot, but also simply making sure that your home and garden are able to offer you what you’re going to want and need from them in order for you to have the best possible summer with your family.


Here are some of the things you might want to think about doing with your home and garden as summer starts, so keep reading to find out more.


Inspect the Condition of the Roof


The first thing you need to do is take a look at the condition of your roof. After a long winter and spring, there might be all kinds of problems present up there if you haven’t checked it for a while. Look for signs of damage, even small signs such as loose tiles or things that shouldn’t be there. If there are any areas in which there’s standing water, this is something that will obviously need to be addressed as soon as possible as well.


Take Action Against Bug Infestations


The last thing you want to be dealing with during the summer months is an infestation of bugs. This is the time of the year when problems like these become more prevalent, and the action you take now will have a big say in whether or not this is something that you end up having to deal with. Make sure that any cracks in your home or any other small entry points are properly sealed up. And think about how you can prevent bugs wanting to get near your property in the first place.


Check the Vents and Insulation Issues in Your Attic


The vents and insulation in your home will be important when it comes to temperature regulation and air flow during the summer. That’s why now is the ideal time to get up in the attic and to take a look at what the situation is like up there. You should make sure that nothing is obstructing the vents in any way. And anything that might be causing damage to your insulation should be addressed and any damaged areas should be replaced.


Service Your Key Summer Tools


Any tools that you’re going to be using during the summer months after a long hiatus in the garden shed should be checked and serviced now. That way, you can find replacement parts or even replace the tools completely before the time comes when you really need them. That lawnmower will be vital when it starts to heat up and the grass begins growing faster than it has done for a while, so don’t ignore this issue. You want to make sure they’re ready to do when you want to use them.


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Clean and Prepare Your Ceiling Fan


If you have a ceiling fan that hasn’t been in use since last summer, it’s a good idea to clean and prepare it before the time comes when you want to start using it again. A simple cleaning process will enable you to get the most out of it in terms of performance. And you’ll also be able to ensure that the fan doesn’t just spread dust and grime around the room when you start using it. That’s exactly what will happen if you don’t clean it properly before using it.


Upgrade Your AC System


It’s a good idea to upgrade your AC unit if it’s been a while since you did that. You can take a look at this blaux portable ac review by Raving Trends if you’re trying to decide which model is going to be the best one for your home. An upgrade should mean that you’re able to make use of a more efficient system and a better performing system this summer. There are few things worse and more frustrating than a broken down AC unit at the height of summer, so don’t let that happen.


Clean the Windows and Window Screens


Cleaning the windows and window screens in your home is a good idea if this is another task that hasn’t been completed for quite a while. They’ll probably be covered in all kinds of dirt, and now you’re going to be opening and closing the windows and screens more, as well as wanting to let in as much of that natural light from the summer sun as possible, you’ll definitely want to get them properly cleaned. So make it happen today.


Start to Bring the Summer Indoors


There are lots of small ways in which you can start to bring the summer indoors. You might want to add some house plants to your home or start buying bright flowers for your home that’ll add a little extra color and vibrancy. Little touches like this can start to make your home feel more appropriate for the summer months, and I’m sure that’s the kind of feeling you want to create throughout your living space at this time of the year.


Check the Outdoor Plumbing


If there are any problems with the outdoor plumbing, now is probably the time to put them right. You can get a professional plumber to take a closer look at the situation and ensure that you’re going to be able to use the hose and all of the other things that you might need. A functioning irrigation system also becomes more important during the summer months if you want to keep your lawn looking green and healthy all summer long.


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Clean Out the Gutters


In many parts of the country, summer means sun but it also means unpredictable storms as well. You need to make sure that your home’s guttering is up to the job and able to deal with storms and rain that arise at a moment’s notice. You don’t want that water to become backlogged because that’s when it can start to cause structural problems for your home. All you need to do is clean out your gutters completely or have a professional take on the task for you.


Fill Up the Home with the Necessary Summer Essentials


You should make sure that your home is filled with the things that you’re most likely to need during the summer months. Having hayfever medication on hand and anything else you can think of that your family tends to use more of during the summer months is a good idea. You haven’t had to have these things available since last year, so it’s very easy to forget about them until you actually start needing them. You don’t want to realize you don’t have them at the exact time you start needing them again.


Consider Redecorating for Summer


If your home still feels like it’s stuck in winter, it might be because of your decor choices. Maybe you should think about redecorating now and making some changes to the style of your home that make it feel a little more summery. These changes don’t need to be drastic ones but they could at least make the home feel more like summer has truly arrived.


Tidy Up the Back Garden


When the weather isn’t great, you don’t tend to spend as much time out in your garden. That’s just the way it is. So if you haven’t been out in your garden much recently, you might want to start tidying it up and making it useable again. Now’s the time you’re going to want to start using it again and making it functional. But that’s something that’s only going to be possible if you take the right actions today.


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Protect Against Water Damage


You don’t want to be dealing with water damage or any kind during summer or anytime of the year for that matter. You should look for signs of potential problems, even if they haven’t developed into anything major just yet. You should try to protect your home against problems because, as we discussed above, summer can mean storms and rain and you should be prepared for that and how your home will cope with it.


With the summer now pretty much upon us, it’s the perfect time to prepare your home for the hotter months ahead. Making the kinds of changes we’ve discussed above will help you to get your home in the right shape so you’re able to deal with it better going forward. It’ll make life easier for your family during the summer coming up.

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