Prepare Your Garden For Wildlife

Are Any Problems Hiding In Your Garden

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If you are booking to make some improvements to your garden then now is the time. As summer rapidly approaches, you want to make sure it looks and feels good. Perhaps your dog lives outside and you want to improve it for them, or maybe you have a plant of wildlife in your garden, such as birds and want to make it safe and enjoyable for everyone. Now is the time. 

Kennel improvements for your furry friends


You may want to look at a swiftdrain kennel trench drain which will improve the cleaning of the kennel and will be safe for your animals also.  Perhaps you want to create a brand new kennel, that doesn’t have to be difficult but having a trench drain is going to be important. Look at the materials that you will use if you are going to make your own. It’s best to use an outdoor grade of wood. This will be safe for your dog because your dog kennel is going to be exposed to all kinds of weather. Water-resistant plywood is good, as well as impregnated wood, are ideal materials if you’re building your own. Determine whether you want to build your kennel on top of a concrete pad or if it will sit directly on the ground, such as a patio or even on grass. Concrete pads will make it much easier to clean the kennel but it will cost a little extra to implement. If you are laying your own concrete, be aware that it takes several days to cure once poured and you must be aware of this for your dog’s sake. 

Make it a liveable space! 


Introducing some new furniture is going to be the best place to start to make your garden feel like another room. Add some rattan furniture or a bistro table, match what your space will allow and the type of furniture that would look best. If you have a wooden exterior, then look for wooden garden furniture to complement it. Adding some statement lighting and decorating garden walls will help to create a really attractive outdoor room, such as LED lights or hanging fairy lights. You can also use outdoor candles that you can sit around the edges of. Choose things that are easy to bring in and out to protect them from the weather or if you are leaving them outside then look for weather resistant products! 


You can find waterproof canvases and outdoor wall art and even ceramics that are designed to make your garden look like another room. Make it feel like it is an addition for your living room or kitchen and keep a similar theme throughout. If you want to hang your pieces of art on a hedge rather than a wall you can! There are certain fixtures that will allow you to use the interior branches to keep the art on the hedge and spruce it up if you don’t have any available walls.  


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Eat outside! 


Eating outside will make it feel like the garden is part of your home finally. Eating makes us feel relaxed and summer evenings were made for drinking wine and nibbling! Most fully functioning outdoor kitchens can be pricey. But there are other ways to bring a kitchen to your garden. Design a unit to house a gas-fuelled barbecue, or buy second hand. You can buy gas barbecues to run from mains or calor gas which means that you don’t need to create a full kitchen space outside.  


Don’t forget the birds too! Adding a bird table will encourage wildlife to your garden and it will also help them especially when the weather is colder, they struggle to find as much food so helping the birds will also help your garden. More wildlife, more life! Your plants will come to life and you will feel as if it is a really lovely and livable space. Grab a fire pit too. Fireplaces or fire pits or chimeneas create a lovely feature in any garden. They look good and you can use them to toast your marshmallows! They are also perfect for those cool summer evenings or dry autumnal evenings. You will always be able to spend time outdoors and they do give off a substantial amount of heat. You could look at some wood-burning fires as there are various styles to choose from. You could also get a built-in gas- or bioethanol-fuelled flame fire, but you will want to shop around to see what style is best for you and what is the most sustainable for your life. 


Change the flooring?


You may think that you can’t add flooring to an outdoor space, but you most certainly can! You can add any type of flooring to the outdoors as long as it is weather resistant and there are even plenty of rugs and mats to use on your grass or patio. You can use many different types of materials to make a new outdoor flooring area. In terms of materials, natural stone is one that works inside and outside. You will however want to make sure that it is anti-slip, as polished tiles can be slippery in wet or even hot weather. Some porcelain tiles can be used outside, but check with your supplier that they’re compatible. If you have anyone who is disabled also, you may want to be sure that the material is OK for them. Keep the design traditional if you wish!


If you have the money and the space, then add a roof or use your gazebo for added protection. Internal courtyards work brilliantly as outdoor living spaces and can make it feel like it is part of your home. You can open up the shining sun on a morning and still be able to sit in the shade beneath the glass. This is a type of conservatory idea that can be converted into outdoors or indoors with the use of an electronic roof that will provide protection… just in case it rains! 


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