Home Maintenance: When to Call The Pros


When you sign on the dotted line and take the keys to your new home in your hands, you assume all kinds of responsibilities. Running a household doesn’t just involve paying bills. It also means keeping up to date with maintenance jobs and making sure your property is in good working order. There are many tasks you can tackle yourself, but sometimes, it’s best to call in the professionals. Here are some instances when it’s beneficial to seek expert advice. 

Plumbing issues, heating and cooling

Many of us have attempted basic plumbing jobs, but if you find yourself with water pouring through the ceiling, there’s an unpleasant odor escaping from your drains, or your heating system is on the blink, you may need to call an experienced local plumber. You may be able to identify the cause of the problem if your heating system control panel is displaying warning lights, but if there is no clear signal, seek advice. If you’ve been through the troubleshooting process, and there’s no obvious underlying cause, or you can’t stop water flowing despite your best efforts, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and make a call to a company like Mark Leonard Plumbing. Look for plumbers with excellent reviews, or ask neighbors, friends or colleagues for recommendations. It’s worth spending money and getting the problem sorted as quickly as possible to prevent further damage and eliminate unwanted stress. 

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Roofing problems

Roofing problems should always be a red flag for homeowners. If you spot loose tiles, or your roof appears to be leaking, don’t wait and hope for the best. The trouble with signs of wear and tear and damage is that they tend to get worse with time. Excess moisture can cause damp, and if there are worn spots or holes, there’s a risk of further deterioration. It may be tempting to scale a ladder and take a look for yourself, but it’s wise to avoid attempting any amateur roof repairs. Roofers have specialist equipment and they know what they are looking for and how to remedy issues. If you climb up onto the roof, you run the risk of sustaining serious injuries. 


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Any job that involves being exposed to a risk of electrical injuries should be reserved for experienced, registered electricians. If you have switches that aren’t working, or your lights keep blowing, call an electrician as a priority. Electrical accidents can be life-changing and even fatal. All electrical work, for example, testing appliances and fitting new sockets should be done by a qualified electrician. 

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Keeping up with home maintenance jobs is an excellent way to preserve your home, retain value and save money, but there are some jobs that are not suitable for even the most talented and experienced amateurs. If you have issues with your plumbing, heating or cooling, your roof is showing signs of damage, your home is damp, or you need assistance with electrical repairs, it’s best to call in the pros. Search for reputable companies with high review scores and compare quotes before making a decision.


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