Why Consider A Backup Generator at Home

You might not think that your small family home needs a backup power source. Most of us assume that these are for businesses or significantly larger premises. You might think that you’d be fine if your power went out and that there’s no need to spend money on a backup generator. 

But you might be wrong. Installing a backup generator at home can offer you protection and make life more comfortable. 

What is a Backup Generator?

If you are picturing a big generator that makes lots of noise and takes up a lot of space, you might want to rethink. While this may be true of industrial generators, home backup power sources are far more convenient and have evolved a lot in recent years. 

At home, you are probably looking for a generator that comes on immediately in the event of a power outage. You can  look at options from AlltimePower, including generators and batteries, as well as different sizes to suit the specific needs of your home. 

You’ll Never Lose Power

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Losing power can be frightening, especially if you have young children or vulnerable people at home. Power outages always seem to happen at night, when it’s dark, and it can be hard to know what is going on. In most cases, power cuts don’t last for long, but sometimes, the power can be out for significantly longer. This kind of longer-term loss of power can have a negative impact on your life. 

Having a backup generator means that you will never lose power. Your backup will kick in as soon as the power goes down, and you might only experience a minimal loss. 

You’ll Save Food in the Event of a Power Cut

Unfortunately, much of the food that we buy perishes relatively quickly. If your fridge or freezer were to lose power for more than a few hours, you could end up wasting a lot of food. This is a waste of money and might mean that your diet is fairly limited until the power comes back on. Having a backup generator removes this risk. 

You’ll Be Able to Stay Comfortable and Warm

Our homes are very rarely at the optimal temperature. Without the assistance of heating or air-con, it might be too hot or too cold most of the year. Without power, you might be in for an uncomfortable time, and there’s nothing worse than being too cold in your own home. Having backup power in place means that you don’t have to sit wrapped in all of your jumpers. You can stay comfortable and warm, even in the event of severe weather causing a power outage and the temperature outside to drop. 

Your Pipes Won’t Freeze

A loss of power is bad, but it can lead to other, sometimes costly problems. If your home gets too cold, pipes could burst, leading to serious damage to your home which can be expensive to fix, or even mean that you can’t live in your home until it’s sorted. 

By using backup power to heat your home, no matter what else is going on, you can rest assured that your pipes won’t freeze or burst and your water supply will be unaffected. 

You Won’t Have to Worry About Your Home While You Are Out

If a power cut happens while you are at home, you can take steps to protect your house. You can insulate pipes and keep home safe without your security systems. But, what about if it happens while you are away from home? What if the power goes out while you are on vacation? You may lose all of the food in your fridge or freezer, your home might be at risk if your alarms and other systems go off, or when the power comes back on, your alarm might be set off, annoying your neighbors. 

Having a backup generator means that you can rest assured that even if there is a power outage while you are away, your home will not lose power or suffer any ill effects. 

It Will Protect Your Home From Dangerous Power Surges

The power going out is terrible, but sometimes, the real damage is done when it comes back on, thanks to substantial power surges entering our homes. Backup power means that this isn’t a risk that you need to worry about. 

Having a Backup Generator Could Reduce Home Insurance Premiums

Many, many things contribute to the cost of your home insurance. Where you live, what you do, what security processes you use, and the crime rates in your area play a big part. Insurances basically assess the risk. 

Having security systems like an alarm, lights, and CCTV all help to reduce the risk. But, none of these things work when the power is out. Install a generator, and your home will always be secure, and you may save money. 

The Weather is Unpredictable

One of the leading causes of power cuts is the weather, and unfortunately, as much as we might try, it’s very unpredictable. This means that you can never be fully prepared for a power cut. Backups mean that you don’t have to. 

A Generator Could Be More Essential If You Work From Home

If you work from home, a loss of power can have a severe effect on your career, and your income. You may find yourself having to work from alternative locations, or unable to work at all. 

To Charge Your Car

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Electric cars can be charged in many places nowadays, but a full charge takes many hours, and it’s typically more convenient to do this at home. A power cut might mean that you can’t drive without backup power. 

It Is Crucial If You Rely On Electrically Powered Medical Devices

If anyone in your household relies on electrically powered medical devices, or even uses them in an emergency, having backup power could literally save their life. 

For some families, a backup generator is an essential. For others, it’s not something that they need, but it can still provide many benefits and at the very least give you the peace of mind that your home is safe. Installing a backup power generator at home can be an excellent idea. 

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