Simple Effective Home Decor Ideas

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However low your budget, deciding to give the exterior of your home a transformative makeover can easily add value, saliability, and character to your property. Unlike interior makeovers, the best part about exterior redesign is that it is often easily manageable, meaning you can go about your day without disruption to the home. Whether you’re planning to replace or reconstruct, this short guide is perfect for homeowners envisioning their dream exterior who are stuck with where to start. 


Replace Old Windows

For many people, the first thing that comes to mind regarding a home exterior makeover is the replacement of old windows. This is most likely because, depending on your chosen designs, new windows have the unique ability to dramatically transform your home both inside and out. Infact, replacing old windows can also have several benefits to the comfort of your property, including increased waterproof barriers from rain, and often require less maintenance within your home. 


Covered Door Entrances 

It’s common for homes not to have an overhanging door entrance. A covered door entrance can provide more than just an element of welcoming charm to any property, it can also make for great shelter when you’re fiddling with your keys during a rainstorm. They can also offer protection to your property’s front door from harsh weather, which can be an especially convenient feature for homes that experience direct sun, prevailing winds, and frequent heavy rainfall. What’s more, covered door entrances can make for a small yet striking addition to your home without breaking the bank. 


Update your Roof

There are a number of roof designs for home owners to choose from to support all budgets, however it’s important to always research the materials and durability of your new roof. If your roof is already in a defective state or at the end of its life, a roof replacement, such as with a trusted roofing contractor can be an essential investment, not to mention a huge boost to your property’s overall appearance. 


Install Exterior Cladding

Cladding your home can also have a large influence on your property’s collective appearance, and works by being fixed directly to a wall or nailed onto timber battens. Like with most home exterior upgrades, there are a variety of cladding options to choose from to best suit your property, including the likes of timber, brick, stone, metal, and porcelain. Cladding is also extremely useful in its function of adding insulation to your home and in providing an extra layer of protection for the structural walls that are beneath it from any outside elements, such as temperature changes and moisture. 


Paint, paint, paint! 

Painting the exterior of your home is known to make properties stand out from the crowd. Make a statement by painting your front door or by adding a splash of color onto the front facing walls with shades that help to compliment your home. This can be especially beneficial for home exteriors that look damaged and need some TLC, such as through broken brickwork. 


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