Summer Gardening Tips

As much as this Coronavirus is a problem, for a lot of homeowners with gardens, now is the perfect opportunity to make the most of the time you have off from work or working from home, by spending it in the garden. However, not everyone has the motivation to work on their garden space, but it can make a big difference to how you see your outdoor area. Here are some tips to look after your garden during the summer.

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Hire A Gardener

When it comes to having a natural talent in the garden, it’s not something that everyone has. And no matter how hard you try, some people can’t go beyond a certain level. It’s worth looking into some sort of maintenance service in the form of a gardener. You could hire a lawn maintenance service to just focus on the upkeep of your lawn and to ensure that it stays healthy and green. Grass can easily go yellow or brittle without the proper attention given to it, and that might not be time you can dedicate during your working hours and other responsibilities. Having a gardener or maintenance person to help with the outdoor elements of your home might be useful to have. Whether they come once a week or on a daily basis, depending on your needs and requirements, it can be something that won’t take so much effort on your part to organise.


Vary Textures 

Textures are an important element in your home and making sure you vary that when it comes to the outside too, is essential. Grass is a typical feature in your outdoor space, but you also want to think of other materials like bark, pebbles and tiles which can add something a little different to your outdoor space. You don’t want to keep it too simple, but you want it to be just enough for you to handle without it being too complex. Having different textures can make the space more interesting to look at, and as a result, you’ll want to spend more time outdoors when you can.


Install Some Decking

Decking is a feature in the outdoor space that can truly transform the appearance of it. Levels bring a new element to the garden and can be a key point where you focus on an outdoor eating area like a BBQ or perhaps some sun loungers to catch the rays. Think about what the decking would be made out of and how much maintenance that would involve. You also want to think about it’s positioning and how much space you’d want to take up in the garden. Decking can really help to bring something new to your outdoor area, and with some lighting, it can be a great place to relax during those warm summer evenings.


Invest In Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture is one of those elements in the garden that often gets ignored, but how are you supposed to enjoy the outdoors without somewhere to sit comfortably? Ideally, you want furniture that can remain outside and so it’s worth finding those pieces that are made out of water-proof material and simply need wiping down before using.


Use these tips to help look after your garden and enjoy it more during this time and throughout summer.


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