My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

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The kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of the home – where we relax after a long day, entertain our friends and catch up with our families. Nothing defines a memory more than making that special recipe together and enjoying a great dish – whether it’s baking cookies with the kids or enjoying a classic roast chicken on the weekends. Good memories are definitely made in the kitchen. But while we love to prepare and share our favorite foods, all of the time consuming prep can be hard to fit into busy lives. That’s where kitchen gadgets come into their own. There are an awful lot out there, and while some of them become pretty indispensable, others just end up taking up essential cupboard space. So what are the must-have items that really can transform your experience cooking?

A Great Food Processor

When it comes to expanding the range of food you can whip up quickly and efficiently, a good, versatile food processor is an absolute must. Good models from reputable brands like Dualit and Cusinart come with an array of different removable discs which can help you do all kinds of new things in the kitchen. From casually julienning a carrot to making homemade hummus or whipping up a cheesecake, they are so versatile that they really earn the cupboard or counter space that they occupy.

A Handy Slow Cooker

If you’ve never owned a slow cooker before, then you really won’t know how you ever lived without one when you get one! These gadget are little short of miracles to busy family life. Simply load them up with ingredients, turn them on and come home to a delicious, freshly prepared meal. There is almost nothing that can’t be done in a slow cooker or a pressure cooker, as you may have seen on those as seen on tv inventions. While they’re ideally suited to hearty, warming dishes such as curries, stews or even a really nice pulled pork, you can even use them to make steamed puddings. A slow cooker also helps you to use up those leftovers efficiently, and there are so many great slow cooker recipes to enjoy.

Some Silicone Bakeware

If you love to create cakes, cookies, puddings and desserts then the best thing to hit your baking cupboard will be silicone bakeware. It frees you from the endless messy greasing of tins or cutting of baking paper – silicone bakeware moulds and mats provide a smooth surface to shape your sweet treats and then peel right off. They wash hygienically and can be reused time and again – replacing your paper muffin and cupcake cases at a stroke, and being much better for the planet. Food safe silicone is a great choice for everything from cookie sheets to ice lolly moulds and cake tins and also comes in a big range of fun colors. 


There are so many kitchen gadgets out there, but you have to ask yourself how much use you’ll really get from an ice cream maker or a waffle iron. Choose the right appliance though, and it will be a life-enhancing purchase you’ll enjoy time and again.


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