Improving Your Kitchen Lockdown Style

So here we all are, in isolation, climbing the walls with boredom (unless you’re trying out some fabulous new recipes for different meal ideas, then, of course, you’re totally sorted!).  As it’s spring, a major clean up is probably on everyone’s minds. The traditional spring clean is a great excuse to freshen up areas of your home you may be neglecting! 

Image Credit: Pexels CC0 License

First up, well we absolutely have to tackle the junk we somehow acquire over the course of the year, that’s for sure.  And whilst we’re at it, let’s think about storage.

We all have a dumping ground otherwise known as a kitchen drawer so get elbow deep and sort that out. Guaranteed soul cleanser right there. Once you’ve cleared some space, think about what you need on a daily basis and make a practical new home for the items that are usually stored away. Anything that you haven’t used in a while (I’m looking at you, dust-covered popcorn machine), think about storage units. Out of sight, out of mind. 

Secondly, think about adding (or changing any current) pops of colour around your kitchen. Most items that need updating pretty regularly in a well used and loved kitchen can be found in so many adorable designs and colours.

Sometimes, all it will take is a couple of new candles, or holders, or flower arrangements for the window sill. Change those colours or the style, and it’s like changing the entire area, trust me. Look online for cute oven gloves to hang proudly in your baking space. Again, changing the colour to what you usually have will make all the difference. Handy little trinkets such as egg timers or hand wash dispensers come in all kinds of colour and designs and they’ll add a pop of colour to your kitchen no problem at all. Oh or what about some funky new fridge magnets. Liven up your kitchen and add some of your own personal signature style to the underused space! 

Lastly, your crockery & beverage receptacles. What are we talking about? Why, your cups, mugs, glasses for a start. Spatulas and knife sets, look at it all! Sure, it might not all need to go, but what can really change your kitchen when it comes to this point?

You may not have the world’s finest china teacups but who in the heck has to? Ditch the chipped and stained mugs and update those bad boys. Wine glasses and champagne flutes, there are so many designs out there that will literally make you feel like they were made just for you and your family. All the better if you have them displayed in a glass cabinet or some cute shelves. Ask yourself, when was the last time you updated your drinking glass haul? If you’re honest with yourself, you could hazard a guess that it was a good little while ago! You’re not alone, in fact most of the population can be guilty of not updating their glassware that often.

All these minor adjustments can be made from the comfort of your own sofa, making isolation all the more productive and enjoyable. 


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