7 Must-know Things Before Home Renovation

You want to make your home perfect, or you want to prepare the house for selling, home renovation is what you need to understand. 

Home renovation is an extensive project. Like every project, if you approach with a plan you’ll do it well, in time and about the planned budget. I will help you plan for the home renovation project and the scope and cost of your home renovation. 

Plan Home Renovation

Before you start anything, plan your home renovation. 

You can divide your home renovation into three parts.

  • Planning what you will renovate 
  • Plan time 
  • Plan budget for the project 

First, make a list of all the renovations you will do in your home. If you’ll do a home overhaul, still make a list of all the tasks you will do for a home renovation project. 

Second is setting a timeline. Decide how long the whole home renovation project should take. Factor in the time for finding right labor, selecting materials, etc.

Third is your budget for the home renovation project. Proper planning can keep your home renovation budget in check.

Interested in having a trusted resource by your side while you renovate your home? Check this Home Renovation Handbook.

Start with Getting Work Permit for Home Renovation 

Home renovation work starts before the workmen come in. 

Depending on where you live, you will need different licenses and permits before you can renovate your house. 

Some contracts offer to handle all the permit work on your behalf for a fee. However, be clear on this point with your contract before you start so you know who is responsible for what. 

The home renovation permits are issued by the city municipal office. Visit the city website, call them or go there to check the permits you’ll need.

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to make sure you are doing home renovation work under proper permits. 

Plan Living Adjustments during Renovation

Home renovation is messy and noisy. There will be loud noises and your kitchen may not be available for the whole time for renovation. 

Not many people can live in a repairing home. You may have to rent out. Include your temporary housing expenses into your home renovation project. 

Keep Surplus Budget and Time 

Home renovation projects almost go outside the planned time and budget. Among possible reasons, one is that many people doing home renovation are doing it for the first time, or the material prices and wages keep increasing with inflation. 

When you are doing a complete renovation of your home, it can take months. As one survey done by Houzz shows that full home renovation takes about 8 months on average

The cost for renovating a home depends on where you live and how much renovation you want to do. You can calculate the estimate for the home renovation cost for your zip code here.

HomeAdvisor data is based on the data submitted by their members. If you want to be sure about your project, collect written quotes from around a dozen contractors (don’t rely on text quotes as they can change anytime, and you won’t be able to dispute the change). 

Download our home renovation cost estimator spreadsheet in Google Sheet here. 

Consider Market Value of your Renovations 

If you are renovating your home for the sake of bringing it up to the latest interior design trends, the market value of your home renovation becomes irrelevant as you won’t put your home on the market. 

However, when your goal is to improve your house and sell it, put the market value of the renovation first. 

These 9 home renovation changes will add massive value to your home.

  • Increase Curb Appeal with good yard care, using bark mulch, and improving home landscaping
  • Add more livable space to the house. Some ideas are converting basement to a specialty room, installing outdoor fireplace, or making porch an all-season room 
  • Make bathroom usable by two people by adding a double-sink bathroom vanity 
  • Add another kitchen island to accommodate more chefs,
  • Add a walk-in pantry to your kitchen 
  • Build a home office or convert a wardrobe or empty space in guest room or kids’ room to a home office
  • Expand your outdoor space with a pool, a deck, a hot tub, an outdoor kitchen, outdoor fire pit, etc.
  • Build a backyard ADU or in-law suite. Add durable flooring, more natural light and name-brand appliances
  • Expand your Mudroom for more space and function

Read more tips for increasing your home renovation ROI here.

Choose your Crew Wisely 

Home renovation crew can be rightly called the most important component of your project home renovation. 

Here are some tips for you to choose a crew that will do good work and you can be relatively at peace that your project won’t go too far beyond projected budget. 

  • Hire a general contractor instead of individual contracts as general contractors can work with many tradespeople
  • Work with a designer to make good decisions quickly
  • Consider using an architecture if you want major changes to home design 
  • Find a qualified installer for any special equipment

Be Careful and Strategic with Materials 

Buying home renovation materials online may not be the best idea. You can’t feel the material online and mostly colors are the same online and in-person with at least some change in color hues. 

Prefer buying home renovation material in-person. Use these tips to choose home renovation material that fits your needs and give good return over investment. 

To hasten your decision making without hurting the quality of it, buy from the brands you have tested in the past and you trust them already. 

If this is your first home renovation work, buy from the brands with good customer support. Consult your general contractor. If a material is not as it was promised, you and your contractor should know who to call for remedy. 

Home Renovation Project Plan Template 

Here is an easy-to-use home renovation project plan template that you can use as you go. It is a free, detailed, step by step renovation plan that will make the home renovation process less like a mayhem. 

Use it free with Notion. 

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