How To Make Your Food Stash Last

During this pandemic, there’s a lot of worry about food supplies, and during the initial panic, a lot of people bought food in excess for fear of it running out. Thankfully, there’s a lot of resources out there to help continue providing food, but if you want to make your food last, here are some tips for making your food stretch for longer.

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Use As Much Of The Ingredient As Possible

Try to use up as much of the ingredients as possible. There’s a lot that comes with certain vegetables and meats that you can use the majority of it, but sometimes people tend to cut it off. You could always save that part of the ingredient if it’s edible and blitz it down to go into something else whether that be into a soup or to be used as some sort of stock or broth. By making more of the ingredients that you have, you’re less likely to have things go to waste, and that can be handy. It’s a good idea to also get more of an understanding of different foods and what their uses can be for. You are likely to find a few of them surprising. There are also certain foods that have seeds that you can perhaps plant in your outdoor space and grow. That means more sustainable sources of food for your household.


Make More To Freeze For Later

It’s good to make more of the food you are cooking and to also make it easier on yourself when it comes to meal prepping for the week. It would be good practice that whenever you’re making food that can be cooked in bulk like a pasta bake or a chilli paneer recipe, you could save some and freeze it for later. By freezing food, you have something to eat during times where you might be in a rush and need to eat something quickly.


Make Leftovers Into Soup

Soup is a staple that can be found in most people’s homes in a tin form, but it’s easy to make your own homemade soups. They’re also likely to be just as tasty, if not more so. Leftovers are something you might have when cooking, and it’s good to make those leftovers go further instead of simply chucking them away.  So when you haven’t got enough to freeze or it can’t be frozen, blitz it down into a chunky or smooth soup to enjoy for lunch the next day.


Experiment With What’s In The Fridge

There are days when you often have food in the fridge, and it tends to be an odd mixture of sorts. However, it’s worth experimenting with what’s in the fridge on occasion because you might surprise yourself and make something quite unique. 


Making your food last longer is not only good for this type of situation, but it can also save you money, which is also handy. Take these tips on board and try seeing how far you can make your food go on a weekly basis.


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