Best Lighting Options for Your Kitchen

Minimalism is an excellent choice if you’re the sort of homeowner who hates mess and clutter. Even a tidy house can appear chaotic if you don’t stay on top of the spring cleaning. A minimalist style, however, takes all the hard work away by implementing as few pieces and appliances as possible. When done correctly, your home will have incredibly clean lines that make your interiors razor-sharp.


One problem you do face, though, is creating enough light to ensure your property is bright and airy. As spring turns into summer, the last thing you want is a dark, cold home that isn’t welcoming. And because you can’t plug in as many lamps as you wish, you may feel as if you’re stuck for inspiration. The good news is that minimalism and light go together hand in hand. All you need to do is think carefully and pick your household features wisely.


Below, you’ll find five fantastic lighting options if you prefer to dress your interiors in a minimalist fashion.


Exploit Wall Lights


You can’t use space gratuitously, which makes the process more challenging. However, wall lights strike the perfect balance between adding more light and unnecessarily occupying floor space. The reason is simple – you put them in places that are typically hard to exploit. Midway up the living room wall isn’t somewhere you’d usually install an appliance. With wall lights, that’s where they feel most at home! They are as effective at the side of the furniture, too.


An incredible feature of wall light is that it has a warm, fuzzy glow because the light it gives off is ambient. So, you’ll find that it takes the firm edges off what can be hard lines created by a minimalist design. This gives your home extra depth, making it even cozier. Property owners with small interiors should take advantage of wall lights because they don’t take up precious square footage.


The key is to bounce the light back into the room for the best results. To do this, it’s worth figuring out which way your room faces as wall lights are excellent in north-facing areas of the house.


Multipurpose Your Appliances


There isn’t lots of space for you to play around with, so what’s already in the room will either need to stay or go before you add another feature. Or will it? By introducing multipurpose lights, you can combine style and substance without cluttering your property. And the perfect place to start is with a sconce.


For those who haven’t heard the term before, a sconce is a type of fixture that you’d usually find on a wall. In your home, though, it’s going to go on the coffee table or stool or whichever piece of furniture is available! To do this, you need a non-traditional fixture that plugs into a regular socket and doesn’t require wiring to the house’s electricity. Then, you can pop it on top of an even surface and let it bring much-needed light without expending much energy. A tip: don’t repurpose stuff too often. If you do, the house will start to feel messy as one more accessory may take your design over the top.


Don’t be afraid to get creative. It’s the best way to decorate as a lover of minimalism.


Be Original


Thinking outside of the box allows you to eliminate needless material or fabric that you would otherwise class as essential. A prime example is a mirror. Normally, a mirror is a piece of glass with a frame around the edges for installation, security, and aesthetic purposes. Of course, a bit of glass is just as effective, especially in small rooms such as a bathroom.


Frameless mirrors are unique bathroom vanity mirrors that create a focal point. More than that, they only take up a small amount of space and reflect light, too. Yes, glass is an excellent reflector as it bounces rays around the room, making it appear more prominent. Not many homeowners will turn down an appliance that adds more space than it removes! You can be original by installing multifunctional items also. A medicine cabinet mixes practicality (storage) with the latest trends.


It’s your home, and you can decorate it how you wish. It doesn’t matter how leftfield the idea, not when it imbues the interiors with your personality.


Go High


The ceiling is the place where you focus your gaze the least. Your eyes are almost always drawn to anything that is at their level. It’s only human to recognize obvious things. If you think this is a bad thing, you’re mistaken, at least you are regarding lighting and minimalism. On the flip side, placing fixtures high up means that it will use space that you don’t care about.


How can you when you hardly stare at the ceiling?! Spotlights, then, make for great partners. For one thing, they’re small and sleek, but for another, they provide a fantastic amount of light. And, you can control it as you see fit with a tiny dial that ups the amount, lowers it, or dims it to set the mood.


Whereas wall lights are still within a person’s eyeline, spotlights are too far above your head and go under the radar. Yet, they give off reams of light when necessary.


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Decorate With Fairy Lights


Fairy lights aren’t only for Christmas – they are useful all year round. The trick is to hang them from accessories to give them a new vibe while introducing additional light to the room. Pictures and paintings with frames are brilliant choices as they hang naturally. Plus, you can measure them to ensure they fit without drooping or appearing forced.


Thanks to the glow they give off, they aren’t overpowering or overbearing, which is great for minimalists. But, don’t fret about a lack of light, either. It’s surprising how powerful they can be in the right environment. You can drape them across flat surfaces, too, if you prefer this method.


Are you a minimalist? How do you bathe your home in light?


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