3 Ways to Make Your Garden Party Ready

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If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, then you’ve got so many opportunities at your fingertips. Gardens add value to your home, and they also give you a place to enjoy the outdoor air and sunshine. You could turn your back garden into a little flowery paradise, or you could put a pond in there – whatever, it’s your garden!


Still, one of the best ways to use your garden is to entertain guests. You can have so many amazing summer garden parties and BBQs, or just invite friends round for lunch in the sun! However, you need to know how to prepare your garden for those special occasions. Here are my top tips:


Install some patio or decking

This isn’t essential, but it makes your garden so much better at hosting people if you have either of these things. Effectively, you’re providing a solid area to place tables, chairs, and anything else you need. It gives you the chance to build an outdoor living area in your garden. From here, you can split your garden into two zones. One zone is the patio/decking for entertaining guests, the other can be your grassy and flowery area where things are planted. This way, you can entertain guests without worrying about ruining your lawn or messing up your plants. 


As for which option is better, it honestly depends on the person and the garden. Both patio and decking have pros and cons, so do some research to see which one suits you best. 


Protect your garden from pests

You don’t want any pests from ruining your next garden gathering. Sadly, loads of little things can come and make your garden their own. In truth, you don’t have to worry about the big animals so much. They won’t come around when people are about, it’s the small ones that concern you. Two particularly bad problems are wasps and mosquitos. You don’t want either buzzing about if people are trying to have fun. So, contact your local mosquito control company and a wasp control company to deal with these issues. The key is prevention – put things in place that stop these pests from turning up and crashing the evening entertainment. 


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Keep everything neat and tidy

It goes without saying that you can’t invite guests to your yard if it is completely overrun. Get rid of weeds and other overgrown things, ensuring your outdoor space is neat and tidy. The easiest way to do this is to keep following a maintenance schedule. This will stop your garden from getting overgrown in the first place. Now, you will have a clean and spacious area to entertain guests and have lots of outdoor fun.


There’s really no substitute for a great garden party. As the summer weather starts to roll around, many of you are dreaming of the days where you can have fun with friends or family. Make the most out of your garden by following these tips to get it ready for endless summer entertainment. 


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