Kitchen Renovation 101

Kitchen Renovation 101: How To Prepare For A New Look

If you’re thinking of having a new look for your kitchen, you’ll no doubt be considering all kinds of designs and layouts. And then you’ve got material types, finishes, and appliances to think of before you get started.


Although you’ve got plenty to think about right now, you also need to think about how you are going to prepare your kitchen for its new look. As with any remodeling job around the home, good preparation is the key to a successful outcome.


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To that end, it makes sense to properly prepare your kitchen for the new materials, work surfaces, finishes, and appliances that will soon get installed into it. Here is what you need to know:


Remedy any water damage


One sad fact about modern kitchens that we seldom talk about is how they can sometimes spring a leak when you least expect it. All sorts of things can cause water damage in your kitchen, ranging from leaking taps and pipes through to faulty drainage systems.


Be sure to repair or replace any leaking fittings and pipes. Otherwise, you will end up with the same problems when your new kitchen gets installed.


Something else that can cause water damage is, of course, flooding. If your home is within a flood plain, you’ll likely take steps to prevent floodwater from entering your home. Still, you can’t always guarantee that some water won’t end up inside your abode.


Even if your home got affected by a small amount of flooding, you should hire a company that offers flood restoration services. They will ensure your kitchen is completely dry and free of any mold-causing saturated materials such as damp drywall and flooring.


Upgrade electrical wiring and sockets


Once you’ve made sure your kitchen isn’t leaking water or gray water from broken pipes and fittings, and there’s no visible flood damage, the next step is to upgrade your electrics. You can skip this step if you’ve already done that in the past five years or so.


When you get a new kitchen installed, you’ll likely want some extra sockets for appliances. And it’s likely you may put a higher load on your electrical system. With all that in mind, get an electrician to check your wiring and upgrade it where necessary, along with your sockets.


Improve your lighting


Lastly, it makes sense to upgrade the lighting in your kitchen while you’ve got an electrician working on your wiring and sockets.


One of the biggest complaints homeowners have about their kitchens is how there is inadequate lighting in certain cooking areas. Thankfully there is a vast range of lighting options available when it comes to kitchen lighting.


Ceiling downlights are perhaps one of the best upgrades you can make to your kitchen. You can even get units that are adjustable, meaning you can angle them anywhere you desire.


You may also wish to have under-cabinet lighting fitted for those times where you want some lighting but it’s not totally dark outside.

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